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Archive for June, 2011

How to Manage really Big Paid Search Campaigns?

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

There are a lot of websites which manage campaigns for many companies with more than 100,000 SKUs and also huge turnover rates for the products. They end up with the programs with about millions of sole keywords and it is serving upon the paid search managers to ensure that the keywords:

  1. Have coverage of the new products
  2. Ties the keywords to finest landing pages;
  3. Have targeted advertisement copies; and
  4. Is clean of the keywords as the products which they reference slip out of the stock

Core Keywords: non product specific head, category, subcategory, torso and the tail

The first and the most pressing order of the business are making sure that the coverage of the torso, head, and the pinnacle of the tail is done well. Building out the keywords, assigning the landing pages and also writing copy for the core terms is of supreme importance and this part needs to be detached from, and to a degree secluded from, the continuing process of product level keyword which follows.

The keywords of Product-Level: The SKUs, the product names with or without the names of the manufacturer, etc.

Structure out enormous lists of incarnations on the product names, manufacturer’s names, SKUs, feature lists, etc. is unimportantly easy, but performing it fine needs a more complicated tool set than the other folks can access easily. These tools must perform the following:


Thus the keywords of the articles and web pages must be placed strategically that the customers, users or the surfers would notice.

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