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How to Measure Success through Social Media (SMO)

Monday, May 28th, 2012

In today’s highly competitive world, one is required to focus more severely on effective optimization of social media. To initiate the whole process, one is required to formulate a clear cut strategy and should work earnestly towards achieving high sales. You can measure your online presence by using social media.

There are only a few ways of making your presence felt in the internet world but achieving a stable and top ranking in various search engines is far different than making the web presence. If you are interested in luring your target audience or targeted traffic towards your website, you are required to keep some points into consideration andhas to use the search engine optimization, Social media marketing services and the list goes on.

It has been discovered that the awesome presence of various social networking websites has completely changed the concept of social media optimization(SMO). With a sole objective to capitalize benefits of so much positive results of social media marketing ,various renowned and highly talented professionals are in the market and making every effort to give a mind blowing presence. The main reason of popularity or increasing craze of social media optimization is simple as various internet users have created their accounts in different social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the list goes on.

Social media marketing services is an innovative way of SEO activities, which in turn add more spice into the web promotion strategies. It means, whether you are intended to enrich the popularity of your websites, or is interested in increasing more traffic for this, there are some notions, such associal media marketing services, whichshould be given the utmost priority for achieving overall success of business through the use of Internet.

Let’s dive into easy ways to measure success through social media –

Let the idea of return on investment go- If you are interested in getting to the heart of the social media campaign’s success, you would be require letting go of the idea that you can measure it in quantitative terms. Many times, people only read tweets, but they don’t always go out and purchase the products. Sometimes it is about creating awareness for brand and after reading 50 tweets and seeing a company’s logo on their friends Facebook pages, they will decide to finally visit the website.

Look at involvement- Ratherthan paving your focus on return on investment, you should focus on ‘return on engagement’ among other forms of measuring success. You can have two twitter pages, both with 10,000 friends but with totally different involvement levels. One account might be involved in churning out of the feed of prewritten tweets, which are linking to its site. You will witness that there is minimum engagement as most of the people are not interested in responding to auto tweets. But your other twitter account might have comments which are targeted to particular section of twitter users and has retweets of some useful blog postings. This account will surely receive overwhelm response from users.
Finally generating sales- Your main aim is to divert your social media followers towards your website so they can buyyour products/services. The higher the number of targeted followers you have on your social media websites like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter,  Google+, etc, the more people will likely to click to your website.

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How my ranking goes down when my site server downtime?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The reasons for site server downtime may not be particular and same for all websites. The performance of the website is a very important factor whether you may use it for selling products online or to use it just for online presence. The hosting companies are the one who take care of the website uptime for many websites owned by the business people. But in most of the cases, the web hosting companies do not guarantee cent percent uptime for website since there are many factors that lead the website to go down.
There are many factors reasonable for the server downtime, also there is no necessary that all the factors are same for all the websites. They may change from one website to another. There are some common factors which cause downtime like planned downtime by web hosts, an unexpected component failure, and natural calamities. Planned downtime problem occurs when the web hosts do some tasks like upgrading server, hardware and software applications. During such tasks, the websites hosted by the corresponding server will go down. Once the tasks are over, then the website becomes normal. The complex hardware and software design is one of the reasons for the failure of server downtime. It is due to programming bugs, virus attacks, corruptions of file and more. Malicious attacks are the most common reason for the unavailability of the websites. Attacks of international hackers, use of malicious software are some of the reasons for the server downtime. The damages to the hardware components can also lead to server downtime. When the hardware components are attacked by the hurricanes, cyclones, it may cause trouble in server downtime.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the site server may face downtime. Impact of website downtime will lead to the negative remark in your online business. Site loading time is one of the important ranking factors in Google search results. If a customer finds that the website is not loading properly, then he/ she will not visit again the same website. Therefore, there will be significant reduction in the traffic of the website. Page rank is an important factor in Google webpage ranking. Also Google evaluates the age of the website and display it accordingly in the web page results. If the website is operated for a long time, then it will have better rank.

At some point of time, every website may encounter the problem of server downtime. Therefore constant monitoring of the performance and functioning of the website should be done by the website owners. However, it is a difficult job because it requires professional expertise in the field of monitoring the performance of the website. Hiring a professional website monitoring servicing company is advised. Many online business owners think that server downtime is a small issue and do not have a great concern about the issue. But downtime is not negligible as it has adverse impacts and also leaves a negative impression on the customer which in turn affects the growth of the business. So before it erodes the customer, one should get thorough knowledge about downtime of the site and conclude the issue soon.

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How to use Social Networking sites to promote your Website online?

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Social networking websites play an imperative role in promoting your websites in the online world. By using the different social websites like facebook, myspace, twitter, you can reach out to thousands of people throughout the world.

Do you have your own website, if yes;are you promoting your website through social networking websites?In today’s internet driven world, there is a good chance that you are using the power of web media to promote your website. Any website owner is intended to promote their website online, but those who derive income fromthese websites are more interestedin doing so. Whichever type of website you are having, did you know that you can promote it by using online social networking websites? If you are wondering how you can use the SEO for promoting your website then you are not alone as there are many such people who are ignorant on usage of social websites.

Like search engines, social networking websites also aimed towards bringing the most interesting and relevant content to the top of the website. With the presence of fairly large number of social networking websites, including MySpace,facebook, twitter, etc., there is a good chance that you could not only connect with new people but also find varied internet users that would be more interested in visiting your website.

With the help of social networking websites, visitors can share quality links through public websites, which means if a visitor likes your website then he/she can easily recommend the same in his / her favorite social networking portal.Many social sites, like Facebook and Twitter, allow the user to measure his popularity by the number of friends or followers.

You should remember that once you will create the page for your website in a social network site then you should regularly visit and update it. You should show your visitors that you are interested in disseminating important information to them. Many people make this mistake as they set up accounts on varied social networks but then they allow it to languish. Having a ‘dead’ page is worse than having no page on social websites. The main reason people let their page to die is lack of time. Make sure that you have sufficient time to devote before setting up a business-oriented site. Instead of taking on too many social network sites at once, you should choose just a few.

If you are serious about promoting your business, then you should set up a separate social networking place for posting business-related news. You can also use one social network, say facebook, for socializing purpose and another for doing business networking. The idea behind doing this is to present yourself as the professional who is on social websites for doing some serious promotion of businessand you may find it difficult to do so if you’re old college friends are posting things on your wall about all naughty things which you did during your college days.

It is important to post regularly but you should not do over-posting. If you are using a website that can simultaneously send updates on your different social website account then you might be tempted to send out 8 or 10 posts all at once on all different social networks. However, you should space them out throughout the day so that your followers don’t lose interest in your updates after seeing several posts coming in the row.


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How Rich snippets appear in your website?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Snippet is a description of or an excerpt from the webpage. Snippet consists of the webpage title and URL along with description. Rich snippets were initially created for reviews and peoples profile. Later, rich snippets can also be used with events, products, videos, recipes and business listings. Usually we find rich snippets in the search results shown as light grey or as a star rating, between the hyperlink and the shot description in search results.

A snippet varies every time with the same brand or product. To enhance the user experience, some terms in the snippets are bold as these are the keywords searched by the user. The content of the snippet depends on various factors such as webpage content, Meta description tag, a mix of both content and Meta description, open directory description. A search result actually contains more than a description. A visitor can see a lot of data on the search engine result page.

Rich snippets are useful for webmasters with the structured content. If the information in the snippets increases, it becomes easier for the visitor to decide the usefulness of the webpage. Once you setup your website, ensure that the Meta description is in place. The webpage content should always be relevant to the title. Now observe your website’s snippet in the SERPS. Over period of time, you will learn how to handle the snippets and in turn it provides better data to the visitors.

For the non technical heeded, Rich snippets makes it possible to label the information’s within the source code of that particular website. These website source codes are in Microdata, Microformat or RDFa format. This information represents certain type of data. Even you can verify that whether you have entered the correct code within your site using the Rich snippets testing tool which is offered by Google.

Lots of different kinds of information are included in Microdata. With this Micodata, people can know where your business is located at a glimpse. When you have a highly rated business means, then the information is in Microformats. If you have five star rating on the main page of your search engine results will be eye- catching. You might also use RDFa format to provide information on upcoming events. People do not like to miss the events, so this will add a sense of immediate intuitive awareness to your site.

RDFa format shows that your company is on the cutting edge. Rich snippets set themselves immediately apart from their neighbors in search engine results. More information is there that draws an eye immediately. When it uses Microdata, even if your result is not on top, the viewer might be drawn to it.

Things move fast in this digital world. Anyone who is not using micro formats suddenly looks out dated and less relevant. Using RDFa rich snippets is a very visual way to set yourself apart from your competitors. It shows to your customers that you are up to date on the latest technology.


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