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2013 Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business – EBriks Infotech

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic through varied social media websites. By creating a good image of your business in the online space, you can easily increase sales revenue.

Building The Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Social media marketing has emerged as one of the most viable ways by which an organisation can easily communicate with both current and potential clients. Social media has a strong effect on SEO and your ability to rank high on search engines. Social media reputation as well as inbound links play a crucial role in search engine ranking algorithms. It has been found out that more and more people are increasingly researching on product and services online before making any final sales. Social media has emerged as a viable way to make all information available which will help them in making a decision to purchase.

Insights to help in planning a social media marketing strategy-

  1. Social media marketing demands appropriate content. You will be required to determine the kind of content your customers want from you and how they want to consume it. Once the content is there on the internet, you can use social media to let your customers know how to find it.
  2. If social media marketing is unrelated to your business objectives then it will be sheer wastage of your time and money. You have to choose social media activities on the basis of the contribution which they can made to your business.
  3. You should remember that social media encompasses many networks and platforms. It is not only limited to Facebook and Twitter. Do the thorough research to identify most popular platforms with your target clients.
  4. Be strategic and focussed in your activity and work. Pay all attention towards needs of your target audience. They really don’t bother what you had done in a weekend.
  5. Make a proper evaluation of the costs and benefits of advertising on social media platforms. It is a good idea to run a few tests before investing the substantial part of your budget.
  6. A picture is worth a thousand words. It is a good idea to use powerful visual elements along with your text. A text with a picture enjoys high ranking than text alone.
  7. Never make any attempt to buy followers, fans, or endorsements. Instead of this, you should use real recommendations, testimonials and connections. Be honest about your products/services and never indulge in any unfair practice to increase the number of customers.
  8. Identify your audience, listen to them, and make attempts to meet their requirements. One of the requirements might be to take the conversation offline to seal the deal or resolve any query.
  9. Make social media marketing an inseparable component of every marketing and PR effort.


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SEO Audits Features for the Technical SEO’s – EBriks Infotech

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

SEO audit is one of the important activities that help business to know about the real status of the website. There are various tools that are helpful in carrying out these tasks. One of them is Web Developer Plugin that help audit because of its varied features. View meta tag information, image alt text, image display attribute etc.

Technical SEO audits, the most powerful deliverables, are helpful in making decision about the website link building campaigns, content and other SEO activities. These audits are helpful in uncovering black or grey hat activities for which the site is penalized. The expert SEO professionalscarry out these tasks with the help of needed tools to gather the right intelligence and test the website. A large number of tools, like Xenu, IIS, plugin, etc are lot helpful in analyzing the site.

Web Developer Plugin is one of such tools that meet the web developer plugin for Firefox and Chrome.

Let’s learn few of the helpful features of web developed plugin for the technical SEO.

Turn off JavaScript: At the time of auditing the website, JavaScript should be turned off, as everything that is viewed on the page is not crawl-able. There are various modules on the page that might contain content or links. Turning off the JavaScript would be helpful in analyzing the site better.

View Meta Tag Information: Meta Tags provides information to search engine about the site. It can be useful for all sorts of client. The Web Developer Plugin gives an easy access to check this Meta tag information. A user can click on ‘Information’ and ‘View Meta Tag Information’ and can get the same, including open graph data, meta description, etc. An important point to consider at this stage is that a title tag is not a meta tag and thus, it is not displayed correctly in this window. To view this information, one can either visit source code or other Plugin tools.

View Document Outline (headings): heading structures should be sound enough. These are driven more by CSS and less by content on the page. The outline should reflect a hierarchy of content.

Images, Display Alt Text: An image optimization should contain optimized alt text, the crucial element to check. Using this tool, Web Developer Plugin, image alt text can be viewed in a number of ways. Replacing images with Alt text would also enable you check image alt text.

Images, Display Title Attributes: another important check for image optimization is reviewing title attributes. It consists of few sentences to describe the image on page. Web Developer Plugin is useful in checking the length and the content to make sure that the images are well optimized.

In addition to it, this tool also contain several more features, like view response header, view source, keyboard shortcuts, etc. All these features help an auditor in carrying outhassle-free audit of the website.


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Why Major Search Engines are Important for SEO? – EBriks Infotech

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Search engine professionals, consisting of webmasters and SEO experts, try their best to follow modern marketing technologies to achieve highest possible ranking. These techniques are a lot helpful in enhancing the number of visitors and gaining online visibility that affect the ranking and the business’ sales.

There are a lot of search engines that have come and gone with time. When it comes to SEO and other online marketing techniques, there is a need to be aware of major search engines that could be helpful in targeting traffic.


Google, started in 1998, no doubt has been dominant in the market since long. Netscape search was powered by Google. Even Yahoo selected Google to provide its organic search. Google is best known among people all across the globe, when it comes to search. The word, “Google it!” has become quite common, if you don’t know an answer to a question. It is a robust search engine that provides users the best results. The searchers are comfortable using this engine.

Moreover, Google continuously makes changes in its search engine algorithm to keep away the sites using unfair means to rank high. Low-quality content containing sites are not deemed to be much helpful. These changes are made to help users to the extent possible with the right information, they are looking for. Google has also changed its layout for better user experience.


Bing, launched in 2009, is an upgrade from MSN search. It is powered by Yahoo’s organic results and count to 25% of the search. Both the Bing and Yahoo paid campaigns can be easily managed together, reducing the set up and manage time. It also reduces the campaign cost.


Yahoo is another search engine that was a leader in the search field couple of year ago, but today, the searched has declined terribly.

In addition to it, there are other search engines that are used around the globe. There is Baidu used in China, a major search engine that allows users to bid for the higher ranking of their website. It follows a hybrid approach, taking into account P4P, Pay for Performance. It also offers PPC that are somewhat same as AdWords. If you are looking for online marketing in China, it is must to understand Baidu.

Yandex is another search engine based on Russian-language searches, dominating market in search. Russia. It also brought in its web browsers and mobile applications to secure its position against Google.


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SEO future in 2013 – EBriks Infotech

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Looking into the changes brought by Google in its search engine algorithm in 2012, one can easily conclude that new horizons have been given to SEO future in the coming year. It would lay more stress on the fair SEO Marketing practices, focusing more on high quality content, social marketing, etc. The convergence of social media marketing, content marketing and SEO would surely be helpful in gaining online brand awareness.

New advertising techniques are coming up and capturing market. SEO is one of the key marketing tools that are must for online brand recognition. In 2012, there were certain new updates brought in by search engines to improve upon the searches performed. These updates have given new horizons to SEO future in 2013, where the practice of fair means would be lot helpful to marketers. This year would focus more on users, with complete dependency on content marketing, collaborative technology and social media. There would be a new way to think and utilize SEO and social media strategy and technology.

The changes brought in the way Google searches the information are meant to solve issues regarding users’ trust. These changes have badly affected the sites, following bad SEO practices and using unfair means to gain traffic.

High quality relevant content would, no doubt, be much of use. The changes, like Panda and Google’s SSL, have fomented many SEO to change the way they work with continuous focus on quality content, social networking, etc. these changes represent the convergence of search and social media, strategy and tactics. Social signals on pages have become the part of search engine optimizations techniques. Inbound marketers also take the advantage of convergence of social media, content marketing and SEO.

There is a major percent of growth expected in 2013 in every field of SEO, including page optimization, social media, content marketing, etc. SEO would be built around circles of social link building strategies. High quality content is needed to be made sharable through alliance across different social networks.

SEO needs to have strong foundation, where the small changes in the search engine algorithm could not have negative effects on the ranking of website. It can only be done, when the content is designed to offer useful and valuable information to readers and not just keyword rich pages for SEO. The convergence of SEO, content and social media with developmental improvements would maximize the opportunities for SEO companies. This convergence would lead to customers’ interaction and offering industries the best marketing strategy with high return over investment for them. It would definitely improve the productivity and efficiency.

There is a need for SEO professionalsto turn up and take on to help business owners improve upon their ranking and increase their traffic through continuous efforts and provide users the best available information. A lot depends upon the way you work and the tools you use. Adopt the right approach and the online marketing would fetch you good results, for sure.


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