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2013 Content Marketing Trends – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 17th, 2012



Content marketing is the effective marketing tool that spread the message to people with the aim of educating them about the relevant product or service. Though in short term, it should focus on customers’ engagement, but in long term, it would enhance the sale. Social media is one of the content marketing trends that have gained much fame.

Content marketing is an effective form of marketing that involves writing content to attract and engage target audience. It is the method to deliver information about the product or services to people with the motto of converting them to buyers, by developing their interest. The marketing tactics have changed considerably with the coming of web. Furthermore, the new updates brought by Google have fomented people to change their way of doing optimization. Instead of keyword rich pages, they should now focus on the quality of content that could transfer valuable information to the readers.

These updates that turned up in 2012, has changed content marketing trends for the New Year, 2013. Let’s discuss these trends to help marketers in achieving their goals.

Though the goal of content marketing is to retain customers, but at the same time, there is a need to retain customers and build loyalty, acquire new customers and spread brand awareness. In longer term, it would affect the sale while in shorter term; it should involve customers’ engagement, i.e. the strength of social media. Content marketing should have less call for purchase, while more of educating customers.

There are different formats of content marketing tactics that need to be adopted to spread the right message to right audience. Social media is the most effective tool. Mobile applications, print magazines, etc are other forms of spread the message to consumer. Thus, there are multiple formats for consumers to gather purchase related information.

Social media is one of the most effective tools that spread brand awareness to targeted customers. It is because customers get direct means to interact and share their experience.  Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter are the means gaining popularity these days. Thus, the professionals need to have knowledge of the changing trends and technologies to help achieve better results. In 2013, the content marketing would focus on both customer retention and acquisition that would have good conversion rate of translating prospects to buyers. Thus, it would connect marketing to sale process.

The research shows that businesses would invest more in this form of marketing such that customers can be educated about the relevant information. It would act as a means for developing their interest that would for sure urge them to buy, when required. the tailor-made content developed by professionals would be the effective means of marketing and spreading message from businesses to consumers. Thus, the content marketing would continue to evolve throughout 2013 and even beyond, driven by social media fuel.


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