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2013 Digital Trends, No marketer can afford to Ignore

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 12th, 2012

Digital marketing involves various tools, strategies and techniques that should be adopted for the effective marketing online. There are certain trends that no marketer can afford to ignore, if he or she needs to be successfully known in the coming year, 2013. Let’s throw light on these trends one by one.

  • Spreading brand awareness through social media marketing

Social media is one of the growing tools that let business persons directly interact with consumers. Spamming social media sites with repetitive content is not at all going to work, but instead some useful information should be posted that  could encourage reader to interact and know more about the products or services. The users’ question should be actively answered to make them feel valued. A social media professional, who could work with different approach, should be hired. He or she should be able to focus on integrating social media throughout organization. At the same time, there should be certain social media strategy designed and implemented for overall success of business.

  • Unleashing potential through video marketing and YouTube

There need to be a lot of digital video development. There are a large number of companies who are exploring the potential of common social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, but every few organization are taking real benefit of video marketing. Video is a storytelling medium that probably offers greater retention and interest to viewers.  It is an effective and powerful form of media, where there is yet a lot of potential to be unleashed.

  • Proper SEO Techniques

There have been lots of efforts put in by Google to clean up its search engine results. The two recent updates, Panda and Penguin highly affected the low-quality websites. These websites lost traffic as well as ranking. One should check out analytics and the time at which these updates were launched. If they correlate, one needs to audit on-site as well as off-site optimization elements. 2013 is the year for good SEO activities to turn up. Good quality content, meeting end user needs, proper navigation, etc would be given importance in SEO activities.

  • Market Mobilization

“Mobile challenge” is finally there on the horizons. There is a need to develop mobile marketing strategy; few of the common ones are mobile-friendly websites, mobile ads and email messaging. The planned approach, considering various factors, like unique content, small screen with adequate images, thumb-friendly navigation, should be carried out.

The adaptation to these changing trend is very crucial for the survival of online business.

There are certain digital trends that are must for the survival of online business. There is a need to actively participate in spreading brand awareness through social media. Mobile marketing is another important area to be pondered over. Video marketing can also be beneficial in various ways.

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