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How to Create SEO Effective Content Marketing Strategy? – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

SEO Marketing becomes easy, if all the associated arenas are looked into by experts. Content Strategy is one of these areas that mater a lot. The expert should figure out bloat pages, containing duplicate content and eliminate them. Keyword research is also equally important for main pages, sub pages and for thin pages. Quality content, links, etc also hold equal importance.

Content strategy is an important part of website SEO. It has become must for the companies to develop comprehensive strategy, keeping Google’s Panda updates in mind. It forms a key part of on-page optimization. The content should be dedicated to the primary and secondary keywords with the complete strategy.

Let’s look at the key areas of this content strategy for the website SEO.

Eliminate Bloat Pages: It is important to identify unnecessary pages that are indexed. In most of the sites, extra fluff that bloats indexed pages are paginated product pages, indexed search result pages and sort options for product pages. Eliminating these pages prior to developing content strategy is crucial. The site: search command help you find these bloat pages that are indexed.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is the blueprint for content optimization and content creation. Though a lot depends upon the size of a site, but it is a supposed to be a good means for many sites.

The first point to start off is the use of ranking based keywords tools. Such tools help you know the best keyword for your site as well as that of your competitor.  An expert could help you discover valuable keywords and identify gaps in the content strategy. There are several paid tools available that would help you carry out complete research using analytics and Adwords keyword tools.

Competitor Based Keyword Research: It is also important to keep a check on keywords hunted by competitors. A tool can be used to list down keyword for the competitors and then, they should be compared against your list.

In addition to it, quality content that passes on the needed information to the readers is very important. Keyword count, links, etc also hold important to rank the site high. A good content strategy designed would surely be helpful in attaining the desired results.


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2013 Mobile Marketing Trends & Predictions – EBriks Infotech

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Mobile marketing has done a remarkable job in last few years. Read on to find out some of the predictions for mobile marketing for 2013.

Mobile has covered many strides in last year and was playing an influential role in brand marketing efforts. While earlier years were devoted for trial and error, 2013 will help marketers cement their approach. From digital coupons to mobile wallets, mobile marketing has come a long way. Let’s have a look on trends and predictions which will be lighting the way of mobile marketing in 2013-


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12 Steps to design a Successful SEO – EBriks Infotech

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

SEO is a common practice that improves upon the traffic to a website. There are few steps that the companies should take care of to attain the desired results. Quality content, accessibility, keyword portfolio, URLs, title tags, anchor tags, etc are few of them.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing that helps in improving upon the ranking of a website and enhancing the site’s visibility. This technique is helpful in getting traffic, which in turn, increases the chances of potential customers. The first important point that SEO expert should take into consideration is to think what user can type and then, understand the Google’s process of crawling, indexing and ranking.

Let’s throw light in the 12 steps that are needed to design a successful SEO.

  1. Content: It is commonly said that content is king. It should be informative and useful, from user’s point of view. It should be written, understanding Google’s aim of matching the searched query with the best, unique content. If a website contains information about products, there should be detailed description and product information and the links to the related products.
  2. Keyword Portfolio: The keywords targeted should be decided. It can be done, keeping several points in mind, whether the target customers would search it? How realistic is the query? It there enough volume for that query? Is it a competitive keyword? Who are the competitors? Google’s traffic estimator can be used to design right keyword portfolio.
  3. Find Ability: There are few practices that should be followed, like link to the content from high traffic sites, creating sitemap, creating title, guides, lists, etc.
  4. Accessibility: all the pages are not accessible to search engine. Robot.txt tracks the pages that should or should not be accessible.
  5. URL structure: URLs should be descriptive and should reflect the content. Using keywords in the URLs is also a good practice.
  6. Page Title and Headers: URLs, page titles and headers should be related. They should be short and crisp.
  7. Meta Tags: Though they are less important than URLs, page titles and headers, but they are easy, small wins and can compact conversion by improving search result.
  8. Anchor Tags: These tags improve find-ability, as they act as hyperlinks and they add context to the links.
  9. Sitemaps: They are feed that intimate Google of the new pages added. It is very important, if the site is difficult to crawl, has large amount of dynamic content. It enhances find-ability, but does not improve ranking.
  10. Indexing images: Images should be integrated into Google’s search and Google’s images. With the help of Alt tag, images can be optimized for target keywords.
  11. Blogging: It is a powerful tool that improves upon the traffic to website.
  12. Adopt new media, new formats: New formats should be adopted, as search result continuously changes and Google wants most relevant and current format. Social media marketing, video marketing , Blog Marketing, Virtual Marketing, etc should all be taken into consideration.
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How you can Create Buzz for your Business using personalized PR? – EBriks Infotech

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The field of marketing is changing at a fast pace. Today, the mass emails have become ineffective and have been replaced by personalized PRs. Identifying relevant contacts, becoming familiar with them and communicating would be lot helpful in creating the needed publicity.

With the change of time, there are changes seen in almost every sphere of life. Marketing has also been blown up with few of the significant changes that companies need to ponder over for the needed publicity. Today, PR has become an important platform to spread the business related awareness among people in the market. These PRs have replaced mass emails that businesses used to do a large distribution list. Such mail only flood journalists’ inbox. The companies that tailor communication to   specific journalists stands out and are able to capture better attention.

Social media is the growing platform, where sites like twitter carry lot information to the public. Each and every follower is important. Thus, the company should connect to each of them individually, explaining the need for them to publicize your news. The discussion or the communication should carry information about the listener or reader, information about the speaker, whether person or company, the purpose of interaction and at last, the call of action. This complete detail is must to engage listener’s attention.

The personalized PR should focus on identifying relevant contacts, becoming familiar with them and communication with them to start social engagement. Relevant contacts here mean the journalists and influencers who have recently written about the topics presented in your content.  It is important to be familiar with them and at the same time, communicating with them through social means. Personalized PRs should be written on regular basis, weekly or monthly.

Another important point to be considered is to optimize the content. It should be written after close observation on trending topics, suggested keywords, links to the popular content, etc. there is no doubt that individual communication would be more time consuming, as compared to mass emails. However, it improves the chances of getting news in the publication, blogs, tweets and other social media sources.

An art of “Topic Jacking’ should be followed. It is an association between your topic, trending topic and author such that search engine discover the page easily and rank it high for the important information contained in it. Last but not the least; content marketing is an art that would be lot helpful in gaining the needed fame. Writing an informative piece of writing, such that reader get attracted and share the same on various social media sites would be lot helpful in the promotion of the business. All these points when taken seriously would surely help you create a personalized PR that would create buzz for your business.

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