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How Website Internal Links Matter in Website SEO?

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Internal linking in the website is one of the most popular SEO strategies to be adopted to gain online presence in the digital world. One should take care of certain points, like avoiding unnecessary links, careful pick of keywords, etc to get the best results.

It cannot be denied that every webmaster needs to think over the ways to get the website optimized to get the perfect SEO results. There are few of the common practices that need to be understood in order to optimize the site properly. One of them is internal link that is not complicated, instead overlooked.

The foremost thing that you need to consider is to give the domain a clear structure. It is very important to have right internal linking, as it helps visitors to find their way around more easily. Moreover, it helps search engine to index your web pages in a better way and thus, improves upon the ranking of the site. The web pages, linked internally, are easily indexed and thus, rank high in search results.

In order to make internal links work for you, the structure of the website should be well defined. The point to consider is to have smallest possible number of links between the homepage and individual pages. It facilitates the distribution of link power throughout the entire domain and thus, improves upon the ranking of the pages. Moreover, it should never be ignored that internal links should be used in the simple form, HTML for the best results.

Secondly, internal links should be kept away from the footer of the website. Though these links can be used in footer, but unnecessary internal links should be avoided. The links here can make crawler doubt your intention.

Thirdly, the keywords should be chosen carefully, keeping SEO guidelines in mind. The rules that apply to simple SEO also apply to internal linking. The use of clumsy keywords should be avoided.

Above all, one should not use unfair means to trick search engine give you a high rank. The internal link should be put with main keyword. The unfair tactics would soon reveal your intentions and penalize you for such measures.

Looking into the importance of internal links in bringing in traffic and helping you gain high rank, one should take the needed precautions while using different SEO tactics. Internal links is one of the strategies that would help you give the edge over the competition. Before you hire SEO experts, be sure that they are aware of the right strategies to implement internal links and could bring out the best results. It would be beneficial to the organization in several ways.


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What is GEO Marketing & Why it matters?

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013



What is GEO Marketing & Why it matters?

GEO marketing is a new marketing means that is the association of data and maps. Looking into the increase use of social media and mobile marketing, geo marketing is also emerging speedily to help both customers and businesses.

A variety of new means of marketing are emerging to help customers to the extent possible. GEO Marketing is one such means to market business and its website with the help of social media, mobile searches and web searches. With the help of digital tool, geo marketing takes advantage of the association of data and maps. It is said to be the convergence of mobile marketing, local business listing and social media and thus, known as an effective and powerful marketing method that is helpful for small, medium and big businesses.

In this regard, internet users IP address is connected to GPS data, such as latitude and longitude, mapped with technology to geography around the world. The point to ponder over is that a large number of businesses do not take advantage of these tools, though they have built in software or hardware technology to stay focused. By the time business owners make their mind to adapt to any such tool, the technology has moved to something new. In order to have maximum benefit, businesses need to be early adopted of such tools.

Geo marketing matters a lot, as it keeps you updated about the prospects’ interest. Local businesses could do wonders to their business, after integrating such tools, as these help customers in finding the product or services in proximity.

The importance of such tools could be understood easily, after a careful analysis of the tools used by customers in searching the products or services with respect to the geography.

  1. Web search is the most common of these tools. Here, the map displays with business matching the search criteria. Geo listing, such as local business listing should be updated with marketing information.  These listing also include customer reviews, which no doubt need to be managed. It also includes offers, coupons, discount, photos, and many other components that need to be used strategically.
  2. Mobile marketing is also one of these geo marketing tools that uses mobile apps, mobile websites, SMS, etc as it key components. The increasing use of Smartphone has further give the needed boost to this means of marketing.
  3. Social media marketing, evolving like an explosion, is geographic in targeting ability. The increasing use of Facebook, Google+, Instant Messaging, Twitter, Linkedlns, etc act as social community tools.  The easy access offered with mobile devices has given people a new platform to interact and discuss their reviews and feedback.

The strategic approach to these tools and their respective components can do wonders to the business.


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Digital Marketing Approach for Modern Consumers

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Digital marketing strategy is an emerging marketing trend that helps organizations in interacting with their customers and reshaping business goals. It looks into content marketing, social media marketing, image marketing and all those techniques that could help customers in receiving the message at the earliest.

Every now and then, you can see new updates coming around in almost every industry. Digital revolution is one such change that has immensely affected the lifestyle of people. Surfing, chitchatting, communicating, trading and shopping have all been made easier with the coming of internet. Looking into the ease offered to customers, marketers are also taking advantage of this means and coming up with different digital marketing technique to help industries gain online presence.

Likewise, digital marketing strategy has become very important in interacting with modern customers and reshaping business goals. Today, customer searches information and studies reviews about the products or services before buying the same. Marketers design in digital marketing strategy that could help organizations in spreading the message. In addition to it, various communicating strategies have also been designed to achieve easiest delivery of messages. As a result, it has turned out to be efficient and effective marketing approach.

It a multi channel approach that changes consumer perception, increases brand awareness as well as loyalty that ultimately boosts sales. Marketers should focus more in evaluating and advocating, instead of considering and buying. The significant portion of expenditure should be made to “pre-purchase” promotion to make customers aware about the product or services. While designing this approach, marketers should ponder over different touch points to ensure that customers receive the message.

All the channels, like Facebook, Twitter, apps, email promotion, etc need to look into in order to attract customers’ attention. The resources should be allocated to design content that could engage customer at every stage. The most important point that should be remembered is that it is a complete loop that mines data and uses it to create valuable and relevant content to analyze customer response. A keen observation at every step could be helpful in designing in the effective marketing approach.

Social media has turned out to be an important funnel in the complete process of buying and selling, as customers trust their family and friends more than brands and organization. Social media gives them a platform to interact and learn about the pros and cons of the related product or services. Content marketing, image marketing, info graphics, inbound marketing, etc are all important in designing a digital marketing strategy. The increased level of complexity at different stages has also increased the need for efficiency. The right approach to marketing strategies helps marketers in reducing this complexity and maintaining the needed flexibility to meet end users demands.


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Internet Marketing Strategy for B2B Businesses – EBriks Infotech

Friday, April 12th, 2013



When you talk about B2B internet marketing, it is required that you should create a strong strategy that will not help in developing your online presence but also help make you trusted businessman. 

5 Must-Read Tips For B2B Internet marketing:

Internet marketing should be a top priority for any online business. But B2B internet marketing strategy is slightly different than the tactics which are used in consumer focused marketing programs. Usually, B2B markets are more complex and sales cycles are longer, therefore, B2B marketers must adopt a different approach towards target keywords, online content and link building.

Let’s delve deep into useful tips which can help in formulating a viable b2b internet marketing strategy-

(1) For B2B businesses, getting found is only the beginning- While B2C companies can expect to generate sales from a single visit of the customer, however, the sales cycle for B2B companies is quite different and long. Once a prospect finds the b2b website on search engines, the real work starts to convert the visit into a sale. It is crucial to understand the B2B searcher and its position within the sales cycle (evaluation, consideration, purchase) in order to create an appropriate optimized content to comply with their requirements.

Visitors who are looking for b2b solutions can be convinced to stay for a longer time on a website by-


(2) Content is king- Content is a major driven factor for B2B websites. In case of B2C websites, the majority of content focuses on product information. As B2B companies are more inclined towards building relationships, content should be written in such a way that it positions the organization as an industry thought leader and a reliable resource. Think about including video demos, case studies and newsletters on a website, which can help B2B organizations in building relationships with their audience.

(3)B2B targeted keyword glossaries should be more robust- Targeting the right keywords/phrases is the foundation stone for the success of any search marketing campaign. But in case of B2B organizations, keywords are required to cover a longer buying cycle, and, therefore, should be more diversified as compared to B2C target keywords. At the beginning of sales cycle, prospects might be using certain terms to search for information that differs from words which are used by those who are ready to buy. It is required that variety of keywords should be well supported by relevant content and link building..

(4) B2B organizations must apply out of the box ideas when it comes to link building- Usually, B2B markets are much smaller than B2C markets, therefore, you may find few websites which are capable of linking to B2B websites. So, in order to increase the number of inbound links, B2B companies should show some creativity by using any of the below methods-

(5) Finally, a good SEO- There are basically two sides to SEO (search engine optimization). The first is using relevant meta tags and keyword descriptions, etc. to let search engines know what your website is all about.

The second part is based on your website and its ability to allow easy navigation around the site. By giving detailed information on your web pages and anchoring them to other relevant pages on your website, it is possible to make things easy for clients.


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