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Mobile Savvy Moms- Contemporary Moms Are Making Use Of Mobile Devices To Make Shopping Payment

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013



Due to shortage of time, today’s moms are relying more on mobile devices to streamline shopping and to save money, says eMarketer study.

Today’s moms feel it difficult to keep a close tab on spending and due to the lack of time, they find it a daunting task to get everything done. Due to this, they’re more exploring the online option and are going in the web world for help, according to the study done by a new eMarketer, titled, ‘“Mom Shoppers: Using Digital to Keep Their Heads Above Water” Many are using mobile devices, especially their smart phones, in order to save both their time and money in the shopping quests. Various studies have conducted to understand the attitudes of mobile moms that markets can effectively use to reach to people.

Moms are a viable target audience that uses mobile phones in different phases of the shopping process:

It is recommended for marketers to be low-key while doing marketing for moms and make use of simple messaging only that doesn’t ask much of their phone time.

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Simple Steps To Dominate The Entire First Page Of Google

Thursday, August 1st, 2013



It is imperative to create a viable online reputation, as it can virtually impact your digital marketing program from the conversion rate on your web pages to your click-through rate in paid search. It is necessary to control the conversation around your brand to uphold and improve reputation.

While long term strategies always work but many business owners have low patience level. So what can savvy digital marketers do in order to generate results in the short term? To solve brand related search queries, it is important to dominate the entire first page of Google. To get dominant position on the first page of Google, it is important to have a clear understanding of the varied data types. Let’s find out how you can do monopolizing all brand real estate on the google’s first page.

EBriks Infotech Pvt Ltd Google First Page Presence

Paid search- While it seems obvious to purchase different brand terms in paid search to get more real estate, there are many such additional tactics also which can maximize this space. Below are some of the ad extensions which are available in Google and can increase the depthness of your brand listing:

You should always keep in mind that it is possible to combine different multiple extensions in order to capture the majority of the premium ad space.

Google+- brands that have got verified Google+ accounts, can easily capture side rail real estate for brand terms by using rel=”publisher”. Here, it works same like the authorship but it is tied to Google+ pages as against to individual accounts. The obtained result is a rather large piece of real estate that encompasses your followers count and a link with image of your latest post.

Google Images- Optimizing your key images on your website, like your logos, is also a great way to take up potential search engine results page (SERP) real estate. Image search can drive more incremental visits than you might be expecting to get.

To optimize your logo for your brand term, you should include your brand in the image file name, alt attribute and title of the image.

YouTube & Other Video- Videos from YouTube are becoming more prevalent for varied different search queries, including brand terms. Having branded YouTube videos is a valuable way to increase the popularity of your brand terms. To get benefits, you need to have at least one video hosted on YouTube.

To get high rank for your brand, you should make sure that you have included your brand in your YouTube user name, the name of the video, and in the meta tags of the video. You may find many new advanced tactics in the market, which are necessary to rank YouTube videos in Google SERPs. To get more extra boost, you should try to solicit comments and votes on you video. At last, if you have a branded YouTube channel then you should link it to your official website.

Press releases- By regularly syndicating press releases, you can popular your brand real estate, if universal news results are showing. If these listings are displaying in the SERPs then you may find it difficult to control but if you are having a press release calendar then it will put you in a position where you can take benefits.

Organic search- Last but not the least, indulge into organic search. For your brand domain, open Google Webmaster Tools and then audit your current website links. While it is not possible to specify which organic website links will display, you should not serve individual pages.

Social sharing websites, like, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc., have the highest likelihood of showing your brand name, so make sure you have created your branded accounts and pages on all of these sites.

For the social properties, increase in the volumes of activity will help in increasing your website rankings. You can also include links from the Wikipedia page to your social profiles.

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Technique Of Setting Up New Facebook Reports

Thursday, August 1st, 2013



Recently, Facebook has made an announcement about a change to reports that is slowly being rolled out to accounts. To find it, look it in your Ads Manager soon!

At first glance, you may get confused with this new reports layout as you may don’t know from where you should start and how to take out a basic performance report. For now, advertisers are allowed to use the old reporting interface, but here we’ll guide you on setting up your first report.



Facebook has already given advertisers the preset column selections based on ad types. To get quick reports on offsite ads, select the Offsite column set. Are you promoting a post from your page? Choose Page column set.

By selecting edit columns, add personalized metrics to your report.

High-level report for Offsite Ads (Ads That Go to Your Website):

In case of reports like these, there’s nothing fancy. This is just the report to check when the boss asks: “How much budget we have spent on the winter Sale campaign?” or when you’re keeping a close watch on the success of the campaigns.

Columns & Order:

Here, the amount of columns is mainly the perfect size to fit in your browser without any requirement to scroll horizontally and gives advertisers vital numbers at a high-level.

High-level report for social advertisements (Page Post Ad, Page Ad, etc):

Because there are many such actions which users could take from ad units, which in turn are built from updates to pages (like, page post ad), the chances are high that these reports could get a bit out of hand, and there are some metrics which may be useful to you in comparison b to others-

Columns & Order:

In-Depth Reports – Offsite Ads:

These in-depth reports are those kind of which we’d pull, format into an imperative table and then send along to clients.

New Reports Means Less Ads for Some!

Facebook has come up with new metrics which advertisers can easily pull in any report. Earlier, much of this data was in varied reports advertisers had to pull along with the performance report. The ability to perfectly analyze performance of ads on the basis of varied parameters like age, gender, country, etc.,means that some advertisers don’t need to create additional targeting segments in order to test these variables.


Lifetime date range- Usually, there’s no other easy way to see the lifetime stats of campaigns or your account. However, advertisers can manually go back by using the custom date range.

Insufficiency of total numbers- Unfortunately, the new reporting feature in Facebook doesn’t permit you to choose a report and see the total numbers without making any change in the “X day(s) per row” to “All days.” Though it is easy to adjust but it would be useful to see a complete summary without any extra click.

Filters- The filter feature is quite limited and it would be good if this feature had more operator functions, like ‘contains’ or ‘begins with’, etc. However, it is useful that facebook’s filters copies what the advertisers type initially after choosing the first campaign, making the process less laborious as it may look first.

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Matt Cutts Remarks On Multiple Domain Names

Thursday, August 1st, 2013



In the latest Google Webmaster Help video, eminent Engineer Matt Cutts highlights the topic of the proper way of handling multiple domains.

Should you decide to link them altogether?

Earlier, it was quite a common thing to see that one website is linking to 20 or 30 different related websites. But in most of these cases, the websites were quite spammy. And this is the one caveat that Matt Cutts has brought up in its video. Cutts said that if there are multiple websites you want to link together then you would be requiring a valid reason to be linking them together, otherwise it will be called spammy.

Why do you need 20 domain names that in your view should be all cross-linked?

Cutts mentioned about the only situation when this kind of solution is effective is if you’re linking different country website for the same company together. But even then, he said that you should do it in such a manner that won’t be considered as a spamming,

This means instead of inserting 30 footer links to all the varied locations, find an effective way to do this. Cutts said, “If you have 20 domain names and they’re all versions of the domain in different countries, such as,, it can make a lot of sense to be able to get from one version of the domain to a different version. But even then I probably wouldn’t link all the domains all in the footer all by themselves because that’s a little bit strange.” He added further, “I’d probably have one link to a country locator page, which might even be on the main .com, that might have flags or something like that so there are ways to get to those other domains. And as long as there is a good way for users to get there than search engines will be of the follow those links as well. Just make sure their normal static HTML and we will be able to follow them and PageRank will be able to flow.”

According to Cutts, having multiple country domains is the valid reason why someone should link to multiple website in a footer legitimately. It is advisable to keep everything within the same domain in order to safeguard yourself from mass cross linking and prevent any wide cross linking schemes between websites, unless it is something related to the location issue.

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