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New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm Update

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm Update:

Google, the major search engine has come up with its new search algorithm “Hummingbird”. According to the Google, it is aimed to provide the more appropriate search results to the complex queries. Senior Vice President for Search, Amit Singhal confirmed on 26th September, 2013 about the launch of this new algorithm system.

He also told that 90% of searches are affecting worldwide in Google searches. Google is aimed to keep-up with the internet revolution.

What Is It?

People always search the Google for any of the queries, they want to search on the web and this is the major reason, why Google is making all efforts for the best user experience to the online readers.

Keyword based searches are simply deteriorating the system and with help of ‘Hummingbird’, Google Inc is trying to give the appropriate search results. This new search algorithm basically helps to provide the search results most appropriate to the query made by the user.

This algorithm comes up on the 15th Anniversary of Google. It is the biggest algorithmic change after the major “Caffeine” update, which was launched to speed up the process for indexing the sites by the Google. As far as Hummingbird is concerned, it brings more focus on the encyclopedia and enables Google in anticipate the figures or facts that a user is actually looking for.

Hummingbird is actually the algorithm that helps you to provide the exact search results that match best to your query not according to just the words in your search but it is to provide the results that match the meaning what you are asking. It takes into account the whole sentence and its meaning rather than the few words.

Whether It Works?

With “Hummingbird” algorithm update, Google now provide the search results on Knowledge Graph and natural language interpretation. It is not replacing the keyword search, but speeding up the search result process with help of natural language processes that helps to understand the speech or conversational search.

Page Rank Worths?

Page rank plays the crucial role in determining the ranking of the search results on the basis of search query. PR is the important factors in addition to other factors that Google believes that it is high quality page to give the high ranking in the search results.

What all About Other Panda and Penguin updates

Penguin and Panda are other part of the ongoing Google updates and these are all parts of the old algorithm, but it works completely with the Hummingbird search engine.

So, go with “Hummingbird”, Panda and Penguin updates as well, if you are seeking ahead to improve the rankings.

SEO is Dead?

SEO is not dead and never to be dead. SEO is not to trick the search engines; it is to promote your business with good and high quality content that tends to make your potential customer enjoy reading the content. Google all and all emphasize on the “Relevant and High Quality Content”.

In the Nutshell, we can say that “Hummingbird” is the new Gem to the Google Inc that aim to provide the more appropriate search results as that of the users’ queries than before.

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Which is the Best CMS for SEO?

Friday, September 20th, 2013



In today’s market, a wide variety of content management systems (CMS) are available that are relatively inexpensive or free. They are often very powerful and offer the moon. Their functionality and usability make them very attractive to businesses trying to make a mark online. In fact CMS’s are becoming so vital that people are afraid to choose the CMS, that it may not be optimized enough for their needs. And very often, people make the wrong decision.


To help overcome this confusion, we have put together some of the best SEO friendly CMS available in the market today.


It is built on one of the most powerful and easy to understand programming language, PHP/ SQL platform.  Wordpress is multi functional and has the perfect layout for pushing out quick, organized and index able content. It is free and can be easily customized and has thousands of plugins and themes to transform your website into anything you want and meet all your business needs.

Since, WordPress does excellent content delivery, better than all of its competition, 6 million sites use it as their CMS. Some of the prominent businesses using WordPress are Sony, Samsung, Ford, CNN, Ebay, Forbes and New York Times.


MODx is gradually gaining more popularity, with each new version that is launched. It is different from the others, in the sense that you don’t require plugins or need to make theme alterations to enable a site to perform well. In MODx, you work with HTML and as many variables for the site you need. It only takes a few minutes to build a site and the site builders are in total control of the site. They can easily modify or change the output by making just a few tweaks. It has a logical resourced tree and is highly flexible. You can build and expand the core features to suit a specific project. However, a bit of learning is required to get started, but overall it is a great system.


Joomla is a force to be reckoned with in the CMS market, with its search friendly URLs, excellent templating system, custom meta data per page (article, section etc) and keyword tracking and banner management with click logging. You also do not require a plugin to make a joomla site attractive. However, its media management is unsatisfactory with no ability to crop, move, scale, resize or organize images. Confusing error messages on the mass mail component is also putting off.  Further, a lack of versioning also hurts the system.

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What are the elements of a great logo do you think?

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013



When you think of fast food, what comes to your mind? Many people would say McDonalds. Ever wondered why most people say so? Yes, their burgers are great, but there is another reason. It has a distinct and memorable logo. People instantly recognize their logo and always remember it. Their logo plays an important part in their immense success.


Ideally, a logo must convey the owner’s intended message, what your organization does, organizational culture and target audience. A logo should be appropriate, distinctive, graphic, practical and simple in form. It must be recognizable straight away and must inspire admiration, trust and loyalty.

Choosing a right logo for your business is not as easy as it may appear. You may come up with a great looking logo with a whacky tagline, but means nothing to your target consumers or you may decide on a colorful logo that looks great on a bill board, but dreary and unexciting in black and white ad in a newspaper.

There are many aspects to be considered and many pitfalls to avoid. Here are some tips that will help you devise the logo that works best for you.


Simple logo design is easily identified, memorable and versatile. Sometimes ‘less is more’. In fact, more simple the logo, the more variety of mediums it can be used on. Good logos feature something unexpected without being overdrawn. So keep your logos uncluttered and simple.


The logo should be appropriate for your business. When designing the logo, you must keep in mind your business’s purpose, overall message and the target audience. For example, a colorful and child like font would be apt for a children’s toy store, and not so much for consulting firms.


Your logo should stand the test of time. You need to think about whether your logo would still be effective a decade from now?


An effective logo design should be memorable.  You can do this by a combination of elements:


An effective logo works across all media and applications. It should look good in any background and setting.


Make your logo stand. This will ensure that your business has a high recall value. Your logo can be distinct in its slogan, color scheme or symbols.

Follow these tips and you are sure to come up with an ideal logo for your business.

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B2B Search Marketers are Ignoring Some Basics SEO Rules

Monday, September 2nd, 2013



While doing SEO, B2B search marketers are ignoring some basics SEO rules, which in turn hampering the entire process. Many B2B webmasters commit mistake as they pave their focus only on building links. It is true that link building is an important tactic but if you will place too much emphasize on it then it can work against you. Let’s find out some of the short term and long term strategies which should be used by B2B webmasters-

Short-term strategies:

Below are some of the short-term link and brand building strategies that will generate quick results and link profile growth-

Long term strategies:

Below are some of the viable long-term link building strategies which can easily be carried out for an indefinite time period and may or may not include links. They will create a strong online brand presence and will establish you in the market as a trusted information source in the industry.


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