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Launching A New Website And New Brand? Have A Look On Below Points

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Launching A New Website And New Brand?

Launching a new website is a daunting task but launching a new brand by using that new website is indeed a patience tester!

Whenever you decide to launch a website, everyone witnesses only the design change but have you ever appreciated the efforts which have been put behind the scenes?

There’s a lot of redirection- You should start by pulling every single URL that’s on your root domain. Drop into excel and then do a proper analysing to know how you will use them on your website. There may be many such web pages which will not exist yet but they would start functioning later. It means, lot of pages of your existing website will not move yet but they would in future. So, along with 301s and 404s, it would be a nice idea to add a section about those steps which you will take in Phase II to ease things.

Get your Analytic- Though it is important to launch analytic code on your new website but it is more important that you do not settle down for the basic version only. You may find many such things which you can do with a little customization and you need to decide which things are most important for you.

Obtain a new site map- When your URLs are changing then it means your site maps will also change. So, you should generate a new XML site map.

‘We aren’t No.1 in the online world- That can be a nightmare of every SEO professional. It is important that you start your keyword researching from the early stage. How do you do it? Start by pulling all your backlinks by using your favourite tool and then go down to find all those links with your brand name. Then you should start contacting them. It is important to start this process very early if you’re changing your name. Start by approaching people who you can expect will go on your exact launch date. Make sure your team is also changing any links which they have on personal websites.

If you’re planning to launch a new website, you might get disheartened by the constant pain. Sometimes you may decide to quit but you should not. The end result will compensate all your efforts.

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Always Check These Things Before Launching Your New Website?

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Webmasters and Website Owners Check list Before Launching The New Website?:

A website is not a single man job. It is the result of cumulative efforts put by many people. Before, making any website live, it becomes important to test it in a proper manner to make sure that you’re not going wrong. You can ask your team members to assist you in the pre-launch process. Most of the websites have writers, marketers, web developers, SEO people coming together to create a website. With the help of these people, you can create your website. Let’s find out how-

Role of writers or editors-

Writers and editors are having a very strong attention to detail when it comes about the written content on your website. You can use this attention to detail for other tasks also. Here’s how they can help you in pre-launch:

(A) Check spelling, grammar and punctuation- You should check spelling, grammar of the website.

(B) Forms- You should fill out the forms on the website and go through the below questions:

© Speed of the website- You should check the size of your page and take a note of their loading time.

(D) Context of the site- When you are paving focus towards the pages within the website, you should ask:

Role of web designer-

Web designers know what the original design intent is, and they have great understanding about the visual details. They can quickly find out those things which don’t look quite right.

Check compatibility-

Role of web developer-

Web developers have a knack of understanding of the inner workings of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and they know how browsers take those languages. You can find some of the vital technical items that a web developer should test before a website goes live. Let’s have a look on some of the points-

Role of search engine optimizer-

SEO professionals have a great understanding of the web marketing focus. Let’s find out how they can help-
301 Redirects- Many times, content is re-purposed or also moved to fit properly in the navigation structure of a site. If you are currently having a website and you are thinking to change the URL structure with your new website, you should ensure that you’ve mapped the old URLs to the new ones.

Check title tags/meta description-

It is important to ensure that the page has a proper title tag and make sure that they are unique. Also, you should make sure that each page has a meta description.XML Sitemaps/HTML Sitemap- You should ensure that each website is having a proper site map both in XML and HTML format. Both users and search engines give importance to this element as it helps them finding the pages which they are looking for when other methods get failed.

Social media integration-

You should make sure that you have right buttons and social plugins installed on a website.

Role of Network Administrators

- These people manage your web servers in an effective manner. Let’s find out how they can help you-

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Branding is the Name of the Game – EBriks Infotech

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Branding is the feeling about any product or service:


If you own a website, it is wise to go with the enhanced way for marketing and branding of the business so that potential customers can drive into your business. It is also a helpful way to maintain the key relationship with the targeted customers. You have to go with the branding so that you can maintain the positive impression of your business on the web based platform.

To achieve this clear and strategic objective, you have to go with the creative strategy and plan that can work to beat the competition and earn the revenues in your business.

There are three key aspects that you need to consider, when you are going for branding of the business. If you are looking forward to make the brand strategy as the successful one, you need to know the target market, online personality of the business, and what you offer to visitors.

Target Market

What you are uploading online must have some mission and it must grab the attention of target customers.


First, define the way how to approach the target customers and then go according to it. You must have to know what people are expecting. Be careful of the consistency, you surely would get the review as the reliable website where customers can get the relevant and informative content.


Once you gain the attention of online readers, you then need to make them convinced of what services/ products you are offering. List awards and exciting offers so that customers can rely upon.

Creative Brand Strategy with Off-Line World

If you have become successful to blast the online marketing campaign with fine customer responses, it is better now to go with the offline marketing and advertising efforts. You can spread non-virtual communications effectively with brochures and business letters.

Always try to bring potential customers to your business and grab their attention as well.

Check Results

When you are going with the solid strategy to tap the customers, it is also wise to analyze the results and effectiveness of the branding. It’s easy to track the effectiveness of the online branding and advertising efforts with help of tools available but offline its somehow tough to track the results.

Via online, you can track the sales, market share growth, click-through and other aspects.

In the nutshell, choosing the creative strategy is the key point and you must explore the options in getting the entire array of points into your branding strategy.

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4 Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals To Your Website SEO

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013



4 Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals To Your Website SEO

Such websites where millions of pages are daily indexed, technical problems can many times yield catastrophic results. Even if a problem arises due to honest mistake, dangerous SEO signal is the result of an honest mistake. And it is really disheartening to see that you are violating the webmaster guidelines when in reality, you had no idea that you were breaking the rules.

Remember, search engines can’t find out that whether you want to create problems or it was just the mistake. So, it could happen that ramifications become very serious even if you didn’t want to structure your website the way it is.

You’re involved in cloaking-

If the website is giving the search engines with a set of exact match anchor text links and not giving good content then it means that the site is technically cloaking, i.e, the site is giving different content to the search engines and different to users. If the site is giving the engines with a set of exact match anchor text links but is not giving that content to users then it means that the site is involved in technicality cloaking. Cloaking also violates google’s webmaster guidelines. There have been several such cases when the company doesn’t know that they were actually involved in cloaking.

Tip: You should make it a habit to monitor your website on a regular basis. Auditing via manual analysis and crawling will help in detecting any such problem.

Mistake in rel=canonical-

Rel= canonical is a simple code of line but it can give a negative punch if you fail to do it in a proper manner. This thing happens when there are large scale websites with hundreds or thousands of indexed pages. If you will give the wrong rel=canonical signal then it could send out bad signals to the engine and could negatively affect your ranking and organic search traffic. It is important to use rel=canonical only on pages that have duplicate content because it will help search engines to consolidate indexing properties to the right URL.

Tip: If you are not sure of how to best implement rel=canonical then you should not implement it at all. And still if you want to implement the canonical URL tag then you should create a strong strategy by using the help of an experienced SEO professional. You should make sure that you’re using rel=canonical on duplicate pages, and not using it in place of 301 redirects.

Your 301 redirection has stopped working-

You did your best homework while redesigning website, mapped out a strong 301 redirection plan and thoroughly tested it before submitting it to production. But after some months, you find that rankings and traffic start to fall a month later. It can be happened because your 301 redirects which were earlier implemented, have now stopped to work. This could happened due to several of technical problems, including several coding changes that roll back redirects, coding changes, etc.

Tip= It becomes important to thoroughly test your 301 redirects before every release. You should make sure that new code changes are not rolling back redirects or bombing the 301 process. You should keep note of top landing pages from the old website and then crawl those URLs periodically. It will make sure that your 301s are still 301.

Your sitemaps are dirty-

Those sitemaps which contain bad URLs are known as ‘dirty sitemaps’ and these can lead to the search engines losing trust in your sitemaps. You should only give canonical URLs in your XML sitemaps (non-duplicate URLs that throw a 200 code).

Tip: You should not use dirty sitemaps at any cost. You should only give canonical URLs in your XML sitemaps.

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