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Is your content not contributing to lead generation? Follow below useful tips to generate results

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Do you need more leads?

Are you looking for creative ways to use your blog content to improve your conversion process? Are you searching for creative ways to use your blog content for improving your conversion process?Let’s find out how you’ll identify the problematic areas and will look for the right way to write content.

How content generates leads?

Written content works in different ways. Some writing attracts your audience and builds awareness. Other content helps in building trust and compels your audience to take any action. In other words, content can be used for strengthening digital marketing strategy.

What follows below are the many tips to help you generate leads with your written content-

Raise awareness:

If your conversion rate from visitors into leads is fine but your traffic is low then there are some tactics that should be followed to increase your overall traffic-

  1. Include search engine friendly content- Traffic drives from search engine is a viable way to attract high traffic. So, it is important that you align your web content with key phrases. Before writing any content, it is advisable to research about keywords that relate to your products/services and write your content around those.
  2. Start writing guest blog posting
  3. Guest blogging on external websites gives three benefits. First, when you post on blogs other than your own, it helps in expanding your social presence. Next, the links help in improving your link popularity and your website more likely to rank high on search engines.
  4. Share content
  5. It is pertinent to share everything you publish across all your networks. Once you publish a blog post, create a supporting video in support of it and post it on you tube. Then convert it into a presentation and put it also on slide share.
  6. Publishing link posts- It’s a fact that some posts enjoy more clicks than others. Also numbered lists receive more clicks because they help in setting an expectation with potential visitors and are more organized.

Encourage people’s consideration:

The aim of your content marketing strategy should be to:

  1. Educate people
  2. Engage reader’s attention

Persuade visitors to go deeper in order to subscribe to your email newsletter and follow you on social media platforms.

If you website has few shares, if traffic from campaigns is low in contrast to expectation and your email list isn’t flourishing or very few visitors returning to the website, it clearly indicates that the middle of your content strategy is weak. Try below tactics and create a stronger content-

Write only detailed posts/pages- How to-posts strongly position your brand and visitors also love them. How-to’s are the posts that persuade visitors to subscribe and follow, and these actions help in repeating visitors.

  1. Cover all topics related to content- Ask yourself, if you’ve missed out the vital piece of information in the given content. If yes then write those pages and link them to the related pages on the website.
  2. Collaboration with important contributors- It is crucial to partner with people whom your audience relies. So, it is useful to contribute to relevant blogs and invite other relevant contributors to contribute to your website. This kind of collaboration helps in strengthening the perception of your brand.

Drive action:

The aim of your content marketing strategy should be to:

  1. Convert suspects into prospects
  2. Establish trust factor
  3. Initiate conversation

If the conversion rate on your website is low and if your site doesn’t have a daunting lead generation process then it means the problem is probably with your content. Below tactics will persuade your visitors to action-

  1. Tell stories that shows your business values- Take your time and write stories that tell people why you want to do it. The story should tell people you care and why the work you do makes a difference.
  2. Publish content that tells the most common sales question- For every prospect who asks a questions, there may be 100 others who didn’t bother to reach out to you. So, you should listen to those common questions and publish the articles in an FAQ section on your website.
  3. Write articles to deal with specific prospects- Is there a section of potential clients who are not ready to sign your proposal? Do they have some particular concerns? So, write a case study or white paper that addresses their concerns.
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Tips to for an Effective SEO action plan to Generate Highest ROI

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


Tips to form a viable SEO action plan:

f you will spend few hours on any SEO blog, you’ll come to know about how to review a website, detect SEO and proposing solution. But sadly, proposing solutions alone doesn’t give you any result. Your clients will be able to implement your recommendations only if you write clear and concrete action plans that help in prioritizing steps on the basis of expected cost and benefit. There are various factors that become part of SEO plan. Let’s delve deep into these factors-

Write concrete actions-

Apart from covering what the problem is, it is equally important to include how to tackle it. For instance, your SEO report might look like this: “We have crawled your website and found that there are broken links that are also producing 404 errors and page rank is also witnessing a downfall. If you will thoroughly check your internal links and remove all broken links, you will be able to maintain your page rank, which would lend a good experience to visitors.” Though, the SEO report has covered what the real problem is but it misses the imperative part ‘how’. Imagine, if your report is read by a web developer. Do you want him to click all the website links on your site in order to detect 404 errors? Of course, as an SEO expert your answer would be no as there are so many tools that can easily be used to find 404 errors so there is no need to find errors manually. But sadly, the web designer might not know about. Now consider how much useful this report would be: “We have crawled your website and found that there are broken links that are also producing 404 errors and page rank is also witnessing a downfall. If you will thoroughly check your internal links and remove all broken links, you will be able to maintain your page rank, which would lend a good experience to visitors. We have systematically compiled the list of all broken links along with the anchor text and location. We suggest you to carefully review these links and either remove these links or find the correct live page to direct your visitors to.” By explaining the last step, you’re allowing the manager to pass your report to even an intern who can easily correct the problem without putting much effort. Even it means, putting extra time devotion, it can curtail the occurrence of mistakes.

Systematically prioritize your recommendations-

Though, it is highly crucial but sadly, it is rarely covered. To achieve targeted results, it is important to systematically prioritize your SEO activities. In order to get the desired results, it is useful to take care of below issues

Make sure to prioritize your SEO efforts-

It is crucial to prioritize your SEO activities in order to accomplish your objectives. It is advised to properly divide your SEO work in your team and collectively works towards the single objective.

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Hit or flops of 2014 digital marketing sector- 5 Predictions for the marketing world

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

5 Predictions for the digital marketing world for 2014:

This time, we will unveil some of the predictions for 2014, which might prove to be helpful for all the webmasters. Let’s delve deep into some of our predictions-

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Why Google Analytic is important for a website?

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Why Google Analytic is important for a website?

Google Analytic is acknowledged as one of the most viable and powerful tools for monitoring and analyzing traffic on the website. Google Analytic is a service offered by Google that helps in generating detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and also measures conversions & sales. It is the widely used website statistics service and is greatly helpful in tracking visitors from all referrers, including social networks, direct visits & referring sites, search engines. It also displays email marketing, pay per click and digital collateral, like links with PDF document. With the help of Google analytic, you can get an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your website, what they are searching for and how they are reaching to your website. Any business who is keen on reinforcing their position in the online world should definitely use Google Analytic.

Let’s have a look on some important data that can be enjoyed with the help of Google analytic:

We all spend considerable amount of time and money in order to persuade people to look at our website but many webmasters fail to devote time to track the success of these efforts. With the help of Google analytic tool, it is not only possible to see how many people are visiting your website but also from where they are coming from. For instance, you may be sharing same time on both face book and twitter but it is possible that one of the two is generating more traffic. So, with the help of Google analytic tool it is possible to know which social tool is producing more results. With this tool, you will be able to know how much traffic is coming from the them.

 Notable features of Google analytic:

Why Analytics is Important for Any Business – EBriks Infotech from EBriks Infotech Pvt Ltd
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