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SEO Cleanse & Rejuvenate Ideas For New Year 2014 – EBriks Infotech

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

SEO Cleanse & Rejuvenate Ideas For New Year:

The year is coming to an end and it gives you a great time to check that whether your website needs an SEO cleanser or not. Let’s have a look on crucial things which need to be done in order to improve quality-

Fix up errors in web master tools:

In both google web master tools and bing web master tools, you can see diagnostic reports listing errors on the website. Both the search engines will alert you about technical issues which they have monitored, which will also diminish visibility. Here, you should note that search engine bot is not smarter than you and you should do everything in your power in order to clean up all crawl and HTML errors and be sure to fix any content issue, like duplicate content, etc.

Make a regular updation of your CMS, modules & templates, plug-ins:

You should check that whether your content management system is up to date or not? Are you making use of structured data and current search engine tags? You should update your content management system (CMS) and plug-in. Make sure to carefully review each of your update in order to know whether it works in accordance to SEO functionality or not and figure out whether or not you are required to give additional information or not.

If the plug-in is not updated from the last six months then you should visit CMS listing or webpage in order to see if it is still under the development. It has been seen that plug-in authors tend to be less attentive than CMS publishers, therefore, it is crucial to keep a close watch on them. If you have found that plug ins discontinue or appear abandoned then it is advised to find an alternative.

If your website is using CMS templates then it is worthwhile to make sure that they are utilizing the newest SEO features which your CMS is offering.You should make sure that some mark-up has been done at the content level.

Social media links:

Do your web pages are linking to the important social media profiles? Are these links prominent? An active social media customer would be more inclined towards sharing, linking, sharing and tweeting your content, which in turn can lead to traditional off-site. It is always good to add crucial social media links where appropriate, like google+, facebook, youtube, pinterest, etc. You should link prominently on those webpages where your visitors will likely to see, like at the top of the page or sidebar. Make use of familiar icons in order to keep the page space concise and favourable.

Regular updation of your content plan:

There is a concrete reason of why content marketing is becoming popular. Search engines always prefer to use high quality content that can satisfy all queries. Also, many of your business pages which you want to rank are not also link worthy. If you will regularly publish a link worthy content then it will help in growing your brand awareness, links and site traffic. In order to write an effective content copy, you should write less about your products/services and should give more emphasis on what your customers want to achieve. You should pave more focus on creating brand value and spreading awareness.

Clearly organize links & social partners:

It has been seen that link building efforts are considered as one of the viable factors affecting the search engine rankings. One of the crucial ways to get links on social media and blogs is to create a link posse. Here, you should note that link posse is a group of content creators that help in getting genuine opportunities and also play a crucial role in linking to each other’s content. In order to organize a link posses, you should begin with natural relationships. When you talk about cross linking, it is advised to ignore blatant reciprocal linking. You should not link to each other’s home page and don’t link to every blog post which is created by your family members.

Proper review of SEO tools:

You should check that whether your goals and tracking set up are properly working or not.

Check domain registration- You should check your domain registration. It is good to renew your domain before it gets expired.

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Focus On Topics Not On Keywords

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Focus On Topics, Not On Keywords

In today’s changing scenario, the world of digital marketing has witnessed a significant transformation. Now, instead of looking at keywords, it is important to focus on queries. It means, it is crucial to now focus on what the user is searching for rather than specifically defining all the ways they can phrase it.

What does it exactly mean to us as practitioners?

As your focus has now changed, therefore, stop using the term ‘keyword’ as much as you can. It means, talking differently, reporting differently and changing the conversations with the client about the objectives.

You may be asked to give a keyword research report or a keyword ranking report. You may have provided it in the past also and therefore, it’s obvious for your clients to expect a certain kind of report or data. However, as the time is changing over the past few years, it is now important to modify what we report to in order to meet our business goal.

Define objectives

It is crucial to define your objective before you start doing the job in the best possible way. Here, your objectives could be:

The goals should be set by the company collectively and not just by you. Your objectives are based on this. It is crucial that your goals should be easily measurable and impact the company’s goals. Knowing your company’s objectives help changing the conversation.

Now, decide what do you want to achieve?

The time has come to start the hard conversations. You should report about your goals and what actions you will be taking to accomplish them. At one point of time, your client may ask you to give a keyword or ranking report. When they ask, you should ask them what they want to attain with that information. It will give you more idea about what they are looking for and how best to give that information to them.

But achieving high ranking is of prime importance

If they are saying that keyword is the most crucial factor for you to report on then you should ask them the reason. It may be because it is the way to tell whetheryour website is ranking for a term or whether your SEO plan is working or not.

Rankings occur due to varied reasons.

The keyword is merely the initiator of the entire process. You optimize the page to its best and you’ve created the best page for a specific need or topic. You may find various variations of keywords for any one topic, and therefore, your emphasis should be laid down on the page and topic and not on hundreds of keywords. You should focus on content and make every attempt to strengthen the page.

You might be thinking that if you stop focussing on keywords how you may come to know what content should be developed to get ranking? That entirely depends on the user. If you want to know what content should be written in order to rank for terms, then you should ask the people who are searching for that topic and what they write about. This changes will help in doing research in a much better way.

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Mistakes That Should Be Avoided By SEO Leaders

Saturday, January 11th, 2014


Mistakes That Should Be Avoided By SEO Leaders

In today’s topsy turvy life, it isn’t easy being a leader in the economy. The massive changes in technology and the way customers are adapting to it has completely transited the business. Now, the barriers between online and offline businesses have blurred. Moreover, capital alone is no more remain a decisive in deciding success. Google’s various offerings produce a huge opportunity for both b2b and b2c customers alike. Even small companies and stores are dependent on the google because customers flock there. Hiring an expert SEO consultant is no longer remains an optional thing because it is now become mandatory. Hiring an expert consultant can be the most valuable investment for your business.

Let’s find out which mistakes should be avoided by SEO leader bring more traffic, attract more leads, which will finally culminate into sales.

Being stuck in the past technique- You may agree that the digital ecosystem is continuously changing. If you are doing the same thing which you’ve done in last year also, you’re missing the big business benefits which you can claim through effective SEO.

SEO Take ways to consider-

 Managing everything without leads-

For leaders, the challenge arises when they need to decide where to stop. As a leader, you have a complete view of the entire business. You completely understand how different components come and weave together. It is crucial to orchestrating them so that they perform in sync.

SEO take ways to consider-

 Short term plan and budgeting-

Many SEO leaders commit the mistake of underestimating the importance of SEO, thinking it is only required to rank sites higher on search engines. But in reality, it is much more than that. Also, SEO is never a cost as it is an investment.

SEO take ways to consider-

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How To Automate Your SEO Reporting By Directly Exporting your Leads Into Excel?

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

How To Automate Your SEO Reporting By Directly Exporting your Leads Into Excel?

In case of any SEO professional who prefers to collect email leads from web forms, the most dreaded part comes in the end of the month, when they need to report conversion results to clients- verifying, re-verifying, downloading and exporting them to create the useful month-end report. However, there are ample of reasons to optimize the work flow to the point that it almost reduces your time to half and a project that usually takes hours is now completed into minutes. Let’s find out how to do it.

Ways to scrape leads from Gmail-

There are various ways through which you can scrape leads from gmail. Either you can shell out bucks to get a program like U Bot that will play an imperative role in automating the task without putting much effort. Also, you can get the program like Imacros and can learn how to create right macros that will then scrape from your email box. Whatever way you use, you want a definite solution that can help you in automating the task without putting much effort. There is a program on black hat world that can easily work on windows, therefore, your Mac users will need to install windows in order to use it. Though, the name sounds weird and you may be hesitate in downloading anything from black-hat websites but in fact, comments and reviews do not say anything negative.

How it works?

 Make sure you are not violating your host’s terms & conditions-

This program works favourably for other email hosts also. While, trying it make sure you are putting your applicable login details and you should be able to easily scrape email from your host. Before making use of egregious scraping on your email account, you should make sure you are carefully checking your terms of service in order to avoid getting banned from your email service. Many times, email service does not allow scrapping because it can create bandwidth issues, if you are having thousands of email to export. So, make sure that you are in fact keen to do this if you want to put a large load of use on the email services.

How to import scrapped file into excel?

After scrapping all your email as it saves as a text file, now you need to import it into excel so that it shows all tab-delimited items as columns and you can save yourself from manually copying and pasting every single one. In order to do this, you need to open up your file in excel by clicking on file>import. Then it will ask you: what type of file you are interested to import? By default, it will choose the CSV format but you can choose the text file format as our program has saved this to a text file.

Now, you need to click onto the file that you are interested to open and click on ”Get Data.” The text import wizard will give you settings to choose from. Choose the ”Delimited” option unless it is already checked by default. Then click on Next. At this step, you will see the set of delimiters that your data is having.

Technique to download leads from outlook to excellence:

Those who are using outlook, depending on the version, it can be a daunting task to get the data out of the program. Outlook features macros, that allow you to export all your data in a very short span of time in few seconds!

To sum up, by using the above methods, it is possible to curtail the time that you have spent on manually verifying and copying/pasting leads directly from your email box. The entire process will be completely automated and will make your reports impressive.

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