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Make Sure You Are Not Committing These Designing Problems!

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

As a designer, it is imperative that below website design should be
such that which makes both your website search-engine and user
friendly. So let’s have a look on some common mistakes which are

committed by a designer and make sure you are not committing it-

• Failing to define goals of a company for the website.

• Failing to clear the vital performance indicators, and failing to
formulate systems for measuring the success of the website on the
basis of it.

• Designing according to client’s needs and not according to
customer’s requirements.

• Not involving and taking account other views.

• Failing to create a plan.

• Don’t pay heed to adaptive and responsive website designing.

• Failing to take into account different factors that can affect the
loading speed of a page during the planning stage and not carefully
testing speed through the entire development stage.

• Some other common mistakes encompass loading highly detailed graphs
through less viable conditions and simply downloading too many assets
without making a proper optimization of the loading conditions.

• Making use of wire frames instead of using sketches.

• Doing over-designing

• Selecting technologies instead of finding solutions. For instance,
choosing the enterprise product for divergent reasons that make it
efficient; rather than questioning whether it is suitable to solve the
particular issue or not.

• Ignoring copyrighting/content

• Designing the photo shop instead of actual webpage. While using
photo shop, one doesn’t pay attention to other crucial factors, like
screen sizes, content, interactive design, etc.

• Designing the flash file that can only be done through a flash file
instead of the SEO friendly site which has content.

• Creating the functioning website design with main focus only on one
particular browser instead of testing it on many other browsers as you

• Failing to use accessibility principles while creating and
implementing the website

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Importance of SEO And SMM in The Success of Your Online Business

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Since e its inception, search engine has been constantly evolving and
it will keep on developing in near future also with the introduction
of new strategies and ideas. Whether you are a SEO guy or a content
writer, it is important that you understand this thing. Similarly, it
becomes important that you understand the advancing nature of SEO.
Moreover, it is also crucial to take notice of new emerging concepts
and one such is social media marketing. In order to create a viable
SEO campaign, it is necessary that you understand how actually social
media works and how to leverage it for SEO benefits.

Choose right social network

As all human beings are different, similarly all social networks are
not same. Each social network is created by using keeping target
audience in mind and with a different concept. For instance, Linkedin
is used more for professional audience, while Facebook has different
audience. It is inevitable for SEO experts to grasp the concept behind
all these networks and use each of them according to their strengths.

Social media marketing vs SEO marketing services

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are two pivotal
areas of internet marketing. To bring success to your online business,
it is important to have both of them. Any concept that helps in
bringing more audience should be given more value. When different
search engines provide ranking to your website, they consider
different factors. With the increase in social network, different
social networking sites have started taking account them while ranking
different sites.

Coexistence of SEO and SMM is imperative

In the current scenario if you want a website to market properly in
the online world, both SEO and SMM should work hand in hand. Even SEO
experts have understood that social media plays an important role in
the search engine process. With the judicious use of SEO, you will
find a rise in your ranking and you can find your site on the first
page of the search engine. You need to work hard to keep the ranking
on the top page of the search engine. The main function of SEO is to
bring your website to the top position and SMM will help in keeping
your position intact. Your main motive is to bring your website on the
top of position and for doing so, it is crucial to have the
coexistence of SEO and SMM.

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Commit SEO Mistakes At Your Own Risk

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Keep below SEO mistakes in mind in order to ensure that you do not repeat it while devising a digital marketing plan-

Thinking keyword research is the only market research that you need to do

There are various factors behind the existence of your target market. In order to become successful with long-term SEO, it is indispensable to comprehend your target market. Keyword research is a crucial step taking towards understanding the target market and the search intent. It is advise to avoid the trap of one and done keyword research and therefore, you should include targeted market research an imperative part of your ongoing process. Your keyword universe will become vast and that will help in improving content quality also.

Ignoring latest search engine updation

The field of SEO keeps on changing. It is important that you should be extensive in your approach and flexible enough in your abilities to remain fiercely competitive in the internet world, where things change in a blink of an eye. If you fail to pay attention to the latest happenings and future happenings, you may lose vital points. Regularly follow Google, Bing and attend conferences to stay updated.

Doing link building with an objective to manipulate organic search results

There is nothing wrong in doing link building but legitimate businesses should completely understand that manipulative link practices are no longer required, especially if you are a new entrant in the business. So beyond having only great products, it is essential to maximize your marketing efforts to catch social media attention and natural incoming links. You should devote maximum time in creating quality content that can generate natural links and share it with current customers who might share it well.

Not understanding the real business value

To survive in the online world, it is important to understand the true value of what you are offering and how you can present it in an informative way. If you fail to understand the real value of your business to the market and haphazardly believe that you deserve better chances, you may find yourself constantly looking here and there for making big things to happen without taking into account any future effects. So it is crucial that you understand your real share of market. What is the perception of the people about your products and services in the market? You can check this through google analytics also.

Not hiring in-house person specialized in SEO and content marketing

You may need someone who can diligently perform targeted market research and carefully audit your website, incoming links and do social interactions. It is advised to hire this person in-house.

Copying the rival’s work plan

It’s naive to assume your rival’s plans will work for you. You should invest your time and money on evaluating your strengths because you are more interested in building a long-term plan. You should also indulge into competitive research to figure out your position in the market. It is a good practice of learning from rivals but stay away from copying their plans.

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