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Crucial web design elements to market your business in the virtual world

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Crucial web design elements to market your business in the virtual world:

You may be surprised to know that both web designing and online marketing have changed dramatically over the last few years. Nowadays, web designing is strongly influenced by people who are more commonly using mobile devices to browse, read news and stay connected via social media platforms. In order to reach out to customers, a website needs to possess some crucial features. Below are some of the important web design features which should be present in every website-

Responsive Web Design –

This is must to do. Responsive websites make adjustment to the device which is being used by the visitor. Although, it is a new generation website which is much more complex than a classic website, but it is worth to invest in types of websites as they help businesses to reach every customer on any device.

Effective content management-

It is important that businesses should make frequent updating of their website content in order to quickly respond to customers with time-sensitive query. There are various content management systems and therefore, you should choose the one that allows you to frequently update your page content along with special attributes like photos, downloads and other elements.

A good homepage-

It is important that the homepage design should engage the visitor immediately with some enticing slide shows, graphics and call to action. There has been quite a change in the navigation too, and it is pivotal to pay attention towards this area.

Blog/forum embedded on the website-

A blog which is embedded into your website is useful as it helps in driving traffic to your website as you can share its link on social media platforms. Moreover, blog posts which are placed on content websites have important back links to your websites. Blogs also help in adding pages to your website and prove to be an effective mode to drive traffic.

Integration of social media channels-

If your website doesn’t pay attention towards integration with social media, then you may find it hard to reach to reach to customers. Social media integration may include feeds, tweet, like and more. You can easily customize your buttons to suit with the theme of the website. 

Email Marketing –   

It is considered as a classic marketing tool and a very important tool to stay in touch with customers. It is necessary that email marketing features should carefully integrate with CRM, analytic and website modules. If done properly, email marketing can help in generating traffic for your website.

Auto-Responders – 

Make sure customers are getting an automated email messages whenever a person fills out a form or takes any action on the site.

Contemporary web platforms- 

It has been seen that web platforms become obsolete over time and need to be update by a web professional; therefore, you should choose a web platform that gets automatically updated by the software company. The chosen platform should be efficient enough to rebrand or retool without building a new website from scratch.

When you think of developing a new website, it is important to see how well you can blend the above web features to expand your online customer base. A well planned website will not only help in reaching out to customers, but you can easily modify them in order to adjust according to the marketplace.

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Let’s review the future of personal device and their impact on web design

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

The rapid development in mobile technologies over the past few years has given an entirely new meaning to the information access and availability. With an access to browse the internet at any point of time,  people have now started relying more on mobile devices for virtually anything they may need to do at a particular time. Such an increased use of mobile devices has certainly affected most of the aspects of our daily lives and set new standards in the world of the web. If we talk about the web design, many new things have emerged with the mobile search. However, it is imperative to note here that mobile technologies have no means reached to its full potential and therefore, they are more likely to produce more novelties with which web designers need to cope with.

 How increase use of mobile browsing redefines the web designing world?

It has been proved that major online traffic now comes from smart-phones/tablets. It has translated into a high need for mobile optimization and responsible design, which are pivotal and have now become the crucial elements for both web hosts and web designers. In reality, no business can ignore the importance of mobile web. As a result, web designers are expected to formulate sleek websites which work efficiently on both mobile and desktop browsers & thus, gives a complete new dimension to the user experience.

In the recent years, a new technology, called ‘wearable technology’ has come up in the market. The pace at which the market for new technology is growing clearly implies that the today, world has become more connected and visualized. As per some reports, by 2025, wearable would become fully immersed in our daily lives, which would certainly leave its impact on future web design techniques.

Although, it is still too early to predict about the extent to which web design would get changed due to expansion of wearable, but it is reasonable to expect that at some point of time in the future, they will become the source of web searches. Such possibility would not only affect web design, but also the web hosting sector in general, needing new technologies, server response time and delivery models.

 Present situation

In reality, the mobile device boom has taken most of the industries by storm and therefore, there is no reason of why wearable technology will not work. We see that mobile browsing has become more and more dominant, the same thing would might happen with wearable, which is indeed a good reason for web designers to take this technology seriously.

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How social media helps in establishing your brand in the virtual world?

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Social media has received an overwhelming response throughout the world. Especially, in a digital marketing world, social media is playing an imperative role. When used judiciously, companies gain benefit both in terms of consumer engagement and high sales.

Those companies who are looking for a way to increase their branding efforts, can find social networking as one of the effective means to gain prominence. The availability of media networks can help in bolstering promotional and engagement in diversified ways than no other online tool can do. Social networking helps people in connecting with people who share the same level of interest. Through this Principal of socializing, companies can easily market their products/services in a more appealing manner.

Companies, who want to benefit from social media platforms like face book, twitter, linked in, etc; there are different ways to brand & promote products/services through these networks.

Customer Service

It has been seen that users who shop online are also active on social media. They often use social media for finding similar pages to cater to their interests. These platforms offer companies a useful way to communicate with customers.

Help in reputation management

People usually talk about all things and do discussions online. Those platforms where people socialize, provide businesses an impeccable, but viable way to know how their brand is positioned in the market. Some internet users are very vocal about things, including businesses through these websites.


Awareness can help with conversion. The massive reach of social media sites allows companies to draw as many targeted individuals as possible. However, it is crucial for businesses to learn how to effectively market products as a mere description of benefits and features would be of no use. Here, effective marketing means getting the right subscribers or followers. It means, getting more followers or likes won’t do any good unless you don’t have genuine patrons.

Proper networking

Brands can also network with other brands, which can result to more effective promotions. Just as there is a wide base of customers, there are also many companies out there who are taking advantages of these brand pages.

Analysis of your competitor work

It is always advised to monitor the competitors sites because by doing this, you will be able to formulate an effective marketing campaigns and promotion plans.

Addressing all issues

Companies are often encountered with complaints and concerns of interested parties and customers. One viable way to create a buzz is to address different issues via social but make sure you are doing it diligently. Interacting with users online can be advantageous for the company.

Company Value

It is feasible to establish brand value through social media engagement. It can be related to customer woes and addressing different issues. Companies should use these platforms to show that they care for their customers concerns. This would surely have a positive impact on how people perceive your brand.

More online visibility

When companies constantly do posting on different social media sites, then it helps in creating an index of content that will help companies to secure their online presence. All social media sites have easy sharing platforms that let businesses to conveniently promote and brand products across different pages. Creating a buzz on these platforms helps companies to draw more customers and augment sales.

Social Media Major Website Statics for Future Planning

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