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Let’s revive the content marketing strategy by using current SEO content

Thursday, February 26th, 2015



If your company is enjoying a successful SEO strategy, then it means you are most likely creating a content that your users find valuable. Have you ever thought that the same content which you are creating for SEO purpose can also be used for other platforms like email marketing, e-books, social media, etc.

Well, before we proceed further, it is important to note that SEO mainly involves around content marketing.

SEO is content marketing:

Apart from increasing search engine visibility, it is important that SEO content should be valuable and relevant for your target audience. Its purpose should be driving more traffic to the website, better user engagement and high conversions. Both content marketing and SEO share the same goals, however, they are often discussed separately.

Nevertheless, SEO is the content marketing which offers benefits like high visibility, with the added benefits of increased search visibility. Let’s look at the various ways through which your SEO content can be re-purposed.

Share your content on social media platforms

As your company is already writing content that is relevant for customers, share the same on different social media platforms where you can find your audience. By adopting this strategy, you can not only increase the search visibility of your website, but it will also help in increasing its social visibility, and which would help in increasing traffic to the company’s website.


Do the promotion through email marketing

Apart from social media, you should also promote your SEO content through email marketing, but avoid including the entire article. Use a teaser to attract readers so that they can click through to reach to your company’s website where they can easily read the entire article.

It has been seen that many companies send out too many emails with bulk information about the achievements which they’ve made during the period, like awards, business contracts, new hiring, etc. But the problem with this strategy is that most of the information is useless from the receiver’s point of view. So, it is important that you let customers know how well your company is working once in a while, and the email should contain information from which your audience can actually learn.

The important point is that content marketing is not only aim towards driving new customers, but the objective is to encourage customers to come back to you repetitively.

Conversion into white-papers and e-books

Downloadable white-papers and e-books are useful for generating leads from your company’s website. So, take the SEO content which you’ve written over the past six months or more, and then re-purpose it into downloadable white-papers or you can also compile it into an e-book. When you give your visitors a chance to get free white-papers and e-books, then it will not only allow help in generating leads, but it will also position your company as the leader in the respective field.

It is feasible to promote white-papers and e-books by using social media and email marketing. You should give your readers enough time to satisfy their appetites.

To sum up, while a content which is written for SEO is intended to increase the visibility of a website but it is also a great idea to promote the same content through different channels, like email, social media, etc. It will improve your content marketing strategy.

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Know all benefits of social media in increasing sales and boosting SEO & brand value

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Social media provides major brands, companies as well as small businesses some powers to reach out to target audience. Irrespective of the fact that the social media is playing an indispensable role, it is scarcely used for branding, direct sales or indirect marketing. However, these actions could prove to be fatal to the growth of a business.

Social media for branding purpose

Businesses often ask the questions pertaining to the use of social media for branding efforts, but sadly, few actions are taken. It is advised to give it a try instead. With the low investment in social media efforts, an experiment with social media branding can produce enormous returns, all with relatively low level of risk. You should develop a simple plan and test your ability to grow & expand your brand.

Social Media use for SEO

SEO field was once the domain of spammy events and low quality link generation. However, the social media has given a new life to the SEO field and cliché ‘SEO is spam’, is no more exist in the market, thanks to the growth & development of social media. Each social media asset is considered as an exciting opportunity to produce high quality outbound & inbound linking, and social media facilitates the sharing of links that actually add more values.

Now Twitter tweets and YouTube videos regularly come in Google’s standard search results, it means the line between social media and search is now blurred. Businesses that use social media gets major SEO boost.

Social media to generate sales

Although social media can not be considered as the right sales platform, but it is a good resource to generate some sales. Marketers that were earlier dependent on direct lead generation, now have a different platform, mainly in social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Businesses that are mainly built on lead based sales have excellent things to explore. With the further development of the social media, sales models will also be built and marketers can look forward to a viable platform that is sales-friendly and refined.

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