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7 Awesome Ways To Build Relevant Local Links

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, July 6th, 2013



If you have a locally based website, then guess what you can enjoy? You will be getting more link building options! Not only they will generate top notch opportunities but will also be relevant too! Let’s have a look on crucial ways through which you can take advantage of local link opportunities and strengthen your link building campaign-

  • Local directories- Chances are high that your local business is already visible on local business directories, like Google Places, Yahoo Local along with others. But if you fail to claim your listings then you may miss some vital parts of your profiles on these- your websites link! Though some websites only give redirect or no follow links, while there are others offering links that can boost your link profile.
  • Invest in SEO- Yes, you should hire a good SEO company, like EBriks, for your website so that people can easily find your site in search results. A good SEO person applies all valid tactics and rules to rank your website high on search engines.
  • Make contribution to local blogs- It is a sure shot way to build links. People are more interested in reading blogs and reviews on varied topics. However, you should not indulge into self-promotional. Make complete use of your local knowledge while writing blogs and use only those topics that will be interesting for a local community audience also. You can use local blogs to promote yourself and your business by inserting your website link in the author box at the beginning or end of the post.
  • Local business resource pages- Do you want to get relevant local links that might actually generate more traffic to your website? If yes, then you should connect with local businesses and get links from them. But how can you do that?

First, you should prepare a list of those local businesses in your industry that are not in your direct competition. For instance, if your business offers outdoor adventure services then you should approach local transport operators. You should avoid approaching big companies with a main corporate website and should focus more on locally owned franchises, having their own website. Next, you should study their local business websites and find out the page on their website for local links, vendors, partners and so forth. It is important that these pages should be having links to other businesses in the sector, so that you can expand your reachability. Now, you can either contact the business owner via email to introduce your business or can personally visit the owner and talk to the owner.

If you will establish local partnerships, you will not only succeeded in building links to your website but will also open the door for more business opportunities.

  • Encourage testimonials- Testimonials and reviews can play important role in improving local links and business. People usually read the testimonials and then decide that whether they should choose that service or not.
  • Explore social media channels- Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc., play major role in enhancing your brand image. Social networks prove effective in building links for businesses.
  • Sponsor local events- Last, but not the least, start doing some good in your community by sponsoring charities and events. People will return the favour by linking to your website and including your name in printed materials.


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