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8+ SignalsThat Make Your Business Easier to Find Localy on Search Engines

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, April 5th, 2013



Read on the article to know about different ways through which you can rank high on local search engines.

Some Crucial Signals To Help Your Business In Ranking High On Local Search Engines:

While we usually give more importance to google, there are various other local search engines, also, like Yelp,, CityGrid, etc., that have a significantly high amount of qualified consumer search traffic. Each of these search engines come with its own proprietary search algorithms. There are many such standard basic ways which can affect your ranking on any local search engine-

Relevancy Signals

These are signals that are directly related to the phrases you put into a search interface-

  1. Business name: Business names play an imperative role when someone is finding about a specific business in search engines or searching for keyword (s) that is including in your business name. While, most search engines will undervalue the importance of business names, it does hold value in something particularly in less sophisticated engines. Also, you should ensure sure that your business name is spelled correctly.
  2. Business category: Categorization is very important. It’s an important way for search engines to identify a business and relate it to a query. You can start by running some test queries on those search engines which you aim to target in order to have a clear idea about how keywords mapping actually works.
  3. Business description & keywords: It is crucial to have a right description along with right set of keywords in order to improve the visibility for queries. You should have a clear idea of different ways through which people search for your service.
  4. Business services: Services can be identified as another form of categorization. Like, emergency plumber would be considered as a category, whereas, toilets cleaning, leaks, etc., would be considered as services. It is important that you have clear understanding of most popular services which you are offering and make sure you are including them in your listing.

 Popularity Signals:

These are signals which depend upon consumer behaviour and therefore, usually, out of business control.

  1. Click through rates- If a listing is appearing on search results then it shows its potential to meet clients requirements. Most importantly, local search engines reward those listings, having high CTRs with better search rankings. You may find varied ways through which a business can improve CTR, starting with ensuring that the above relevancy signals are up-to-date. Presenting the information along with top notch images and videos can help in increasing CTR.
  2. Ratings and reviews- Don’t limit yourself to the review section of google and yelp as these are not only places where reviews count. Every major local search engine has its own review system. When your customers write reviews then you should send them to varied sites.

Distance signals:

The business location and searcher location both are important for displaying results.

  1. Proximity of business: How much closeness a business enjoys to the searched location? On the basis of the category of the query and density, business proximity will be valued more or less.
  2. Business density: If there are few businesses in your area who are competing for a category, you are more likely to get the more suitable results.
  3. Searched Geo: When a user mentions a particular location in their query, it usually signifies that they are prioritizing location, therefore, chances are high that the search engine will give more importance to businesses which are located in the searched geography in its search results.

Advertiser Value:

We all are doing business to earn some bucks, therefore, it is worthwhile to understand how the advertiser display system works on a search engine.

  1. Advertiser keywords: While, choosing keywords, advertisers should understand what type of keywords should be targeted. Often, local search engines may have relatively weak keyword-mapping, therefore, it is crucial to understand the search engine maps keywords in order to save your bucks.
  2. Advertiser boost: Many search engines provide an organic ranking boost to advertisers.
  3. Listing quality: If you can take over your rivals with filling out your listings, then you will surely tend to overshadow them in local search engines. This can be described as one of the main areas of opportunity. You may find millions of such listings that still have not been claimed.


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