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8 Ways to Make More Business from Your Existing Customers – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, March 14th, 2013



Reviews are the crucial elements to judge. They are believed to be the most powerful tool Thus, one should test various elements in users’ reviews. It includes icons, dimensions, expert or regular reviews, review summary, format, location, etc.

8 Ways to Get More Business from Your Existing Customers

There is no doubt that the increasing social media is focusing on customers’ engagement and thus, lays more stress on feedbacks, reviews, etc. Customers’ reviews are believed to be the most powerful tool that can be taken advantage of. These are the under-tested elements that can improve upon the conversion rate significantly. Though testing of users’ reviews might seem awkward to some, as they do not have control over people’s freedom to write. But, these people, for sure have control over the tools given to people to present themselves.

Let’s discuss on various elements that should be tested in user reviews.

  1. Icons: People should be given icons to rate the page. Starts are the most commonly used icons for rating.
  2. Experts or Regular reviews: It should be checked if any expert or celebrity is writing review or not. People may consider either of them to be more valuable. Thus, the reviews should be the mix of both regular and experts.
  3. Dimensions: People may not be interested in writing lengthy reviews. Instead, there should be different rating dimensions that should make sure that reviews are tackling the most important features of products. Readers or viewers should have an option to click or write or both.
  4. Summary: Review summary is believed to be a great idea for people who do not want to read the complete or multiple reviews. These reviews can be summarized against the most important product dimensions.
  5. Formats: One should check if review platform allows formats, other than text. Is a person able to upload pictures or images?
  6. Location: The location where the reviews are placed matter, whether they are on product page or on a different page? Whether they are able the fold or below it? One should test the best location that has positive effect on success metrics.
  7. Zero Reviews: It is not easy to get reviews for all the products’ pages. It is better to have some interaction than none
  8. Identification: The site should give people an option to post reviews as anonymous, as people might not like to reveal their identity. The most common con of it is that these reviews can be taken as insincere or fake. Another way that one can adopt is to talk less on identity, but more on personality elements, like age bracket, location, gender, shopping frequency, etc. Non-anonymous users should be offered recognition, status for their contribution with the element of trust.

Apart from focusing on these tests, one should also check it out the test that is most effective for the site.


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