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Are You a Start-up website? Follow SEO checklist

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 18th, 2013

Are You a Start-up website? Follow SEO checklist:

Start ups have lot of things to consider, like staffing, overhead expenditures, paperwork, etc., and all these in a short span of time. While, entrepreneurs may have a knack of understanding of their respective areas of fields and may even have a considerable knowledge about conducting business online, it’s unlikely that they will be worried about SEO work. Putting best SEO practices in place early on can generate dividends in the future.

For new websites, it is important to ensure that SEO people are searching your business’s name and are easily able to find your website. As the SEO results take time, so it is better to start it sooner than later. Below mentioned is a check list of useful SEO tips for a new start up website-

Extensive keyword research-

  • Prepare a long list of all products and services which you are offering. How do you call them? How do your potential clients refer to them? You should come up with different combinations and phrases as possible.
  • You can use the google keyword planner in order to get additional keyword ideas. You should search for ad group ideas and keyword.
  • Once you have prepared a hefty list, you should put all keywords into the keyword planner in order to see how they perform. You shouldnarrow down your list by searching for target phrases that in fact have high volume, while, having low cost per click.
  • It is advised to break up your target keywords into a smaller group of similar phrases. It is useful to use those keywords in your next blog post.

On page optimization-

  • You would be needed to write a unique title tag for each web page, by using one or more keywords which you’ve assigned to each page. Don’t forget to include your business name and keep the entire title tag under the 60 characters.
  • Create unique meta description for each web page by using one or more target keywords that you’ve assigned to that page. You should keep the meta description under 155 characters
  • Don’t forget to include a target keyword in each page’s URL
  • You should see that each page is having h1 tag, preferably having a target keyword. Also, make sure that additional headers are appearing atlower on the page
  • You should make sure that you can easily access all pages on your website in less than 3 clicks. If more pages are buried deeper than you should consider linking to them from the main navigation.
  • If your website is having too many images, it is worthwhile to add ALT tags to the images to let search engines understand what the audience wants to see.

Check content-

  • You should make sure that each web page is having at least 300 words of unique content that is not present elsewhere.
  • Start a blog on your domain and start publishing something on it as frequent as you can. Write such a content that would interest readers and they would be interested to read it.
  • Identify 3-4 primary audience for your product/service and then create unique content for each one. What would interest their needs? Keeping your audience hooked to your website will interest your audience and it will convert at some point of time.
  • Link building via press release- Leverage the benefit of your PR eff


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