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B2B Search Marketers are Ignoring Some Basics SEO Rules

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, September 2nd, 2013



While doing SEO, B2B search marketers are ignoring some basics SEO rules, which in turn hampering the entire process. Many B2B webmasters commit mistake as they pave their focus only on building links. It is true that link building is an important tactic but if you will place too much emphasize on it then it can work against you. Let’s find out some of the short term and long term strategies which should be used by B2B webmasters-

Short-term strategies:

Below are some of the short-term link and brand building strategies that will generate quick results and link profile growth-

  • Parent Company Links- It has been found out in many cases B2B companies are owned by a parent company. If this is the case with you also then you should contact them for a link on their own website.
  • Affiliates & Partnerships- It is a useful technique but it can also become disastrous if done in excess. If your company is affiliated or partnered with other companies, whose websites are having content relevant to your industry, doing link requests on a small scale can play an important role. Exchanging links on a large scale is not a good idea. It is recommended to use this tactic only for some websites. By doing it with 100 different sites, you may witness a negative impact.
  • Articles- You should work towards providing unique content to audience by using G+ authorship. If you write content only for low quality websites then it will only lower your brand value.
  • Work towards building blog relationships- Instead of paving your focus on a guest post, you should work towards building relationships with bloggers. You should create dialogue with them by using social media and engage them in your company or brand. Over the time, they may show interest in sharing your content and leadership with their audience, which in turn will help in amplifying your brand and content.
  • Directories Submissions- You should submit your local listings only on basic three directories. Before doing submission, you should make sure that the directory is relevant to your business and contains real content. You should not waste your time and money on those directories which are not effective.
  • Distribution of press releases- You should never indulge into over distribution of press release. You should always send them out when you have something noteworthy to share.
  • Trade Shows & Speaking Engagements- It is always useful to attend or speak at industrial events. It will make you and your brand name popular.

Long term strategies:

Below are some of the viable long-term link building strategies which can easily be carried out for an indefinite time period and may or may not include links. They will create a strong online brand presence and will establish you in the market as a trusted information source in the industry.

  • Creation of linkable assets- Videos, prodcasts, brochures, white papers and other educational resources help in creating viable link bait, which can be easily disseminated through PR and blogs to reach the targeted audience.
  • Build Online Tools- Start building useful online tools- It is always recommended to create a viable online tool to make the site appealing. A construction company using a concrete mix calculator on their website has in fact, created a useful, link-worthy content.
  • Blogging- Undoubtedly, blogging is an imperative tool for SEO. B2B world is plain & boring and nobody cares about your items which you use for doing boring things. But if you are having a well created blog then you can use the same for making your boring industry appealing for people.
  • Build a strong link building machine- There are various ways by which you can disseminate your content through different social media channels, create brand awareness, inbound links, visibility and high targeted traffic. You should also make use of your social and PR program to amplify the message of your company. By doing social promotion of content, you can make it popular among your audience, which in turn will help in creating brand awareness, inbound links and search visibility. If your content will be informative then those audience will share your content with their own audience, which in turn will popular your brand


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