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Best Practices for Building Your 2013 Enterprise SEO Campaign – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 27th, 2012

Enterprise SEO is one of the key areas that need strong marketing strategies. There are few of the practices that are must for building of 2013 enterprise SEO Marketing campaign. It includes site, social and search measures and the associated parameters that should be taken into consideration for the successful building of the online visibility. It also considers opportunities, forecasting, reporting and return over investment.

‘There is nothing permanent in this world, except change’.  Changes are part of life. A change can be seen in different spheres. The change in lifestyle, the change in market trends, the change in people’s view and in all other field. Likewise, the year 2012 saw big changes in search engine algorithms that topple over the ranking of websites in SERPs, Search Engine Result Pages and thus, the year 2013 is coming up with changes, new practices and trends to give strong marketing foundation to businesses in online world.

Enterprise SEO is one of the major areas to be looked into, especially when the businesses have complex website and huge infrastructure. It is not only used by large departmental stores, but also by small companies that manage large and multiple sites. It involves search management and social campaigns using integrated tools that involve different business solutions. It looks into the business opportunities, just not over your website and social campaigns, but also concentrates on data cross these functions along with analysis, opportunities, execution and ROI, Return over Investment.

Looking into the importance of enterprise SEO, let’s throw light on the best practices for building 2013 Enterprise SEO Campaign.

  • Site: It is the centre of SEO strategy. Pages, keywords, keyword groups, back links and social signals should be well integrated. The value based metrics can be helpful in measuring success on basis of goals, outcome, sales, conversion, etc. SEO variables, like traffic, ranking, on-page, social signals, links, content, should also correlate to the metric stated above. There should be enough ability, resources and technology to measure the achievement over a period of time. It would be helpful in analyzing of performance, identifying trends and implementing the action accordingly.
  • Search: The short terms tactics are no more of much importance, as Google has brought in much changes in its search engine algorithm to help sites with high quality content rank better. Enterprise SEO also considers link building strategy to welcome quality traffic, whether local or global, blended or universal.
  • Social: Social media is one of the productive channels, as search engines are also relying on it to decide the ranking of a website. Social media link building and its influence should be the important part of 2013 SEO strategy.

In addition to it, there are several other elements that look into competitive glance. It includes analysis and opportunity, reporting and forecasting, execution and return, along with organizational alignment and streamlined processes.


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