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Matt Cutts Talks Google Panda Basics – Make Sure You’ve Got Quality Content

Thursday, November 7th, 2013


Matt Cutts Talks Google Panda Basics: Make Sure You’ve Got Quality Content:

Google has recently rolled out the Panda update and there are quite a number of online websites that has been affected with this update as far as ranking is concerned. According to Matt Cutts, it has focused mainly on the quality of content and sites which are getting SEO by posting the bulk content on the web without even checking its quality is getting adversely affected.

Matt says, there have been several versions of Panda update rolled out in last couple of years. But, now we have done something new and it’s the data refresh and we have got the new data. We are getting good results with mean sites dropped their rankings and sites with extremely high quality and valuable content are getting higher rankings with Google search engine rankings.

Google has done well as far as getting hold on low quality content. As its only the data refresh, so the lesser number of webmasters are going to be affected.

What to Do

But, if you hit with this update, what you have to do?

First of all, you need to check on the content quality you are posting on your own website or may it be used for SEO purpose. Check whether the content provided is really worth off and it actually valuable enough to readers to make them engaged in reading the stuff.

You can check out the Google Webmaster Tool to see if there are any alerts displayed. Firstly, make confirm whether it is Panda that make your affected or something else that affect your search engine rankings.

Make sure that you are getting the quality rich and compelling content. If you are outsourcing the content, make sure that it is not copied at all and it must give user the something new that he wants to read.

You only have to post content online that has that much quality that can easily qualify to get back with more reads and views or readers may refer it to their friends.

‘It must be your overriding goal’.

When you have gone up to create the content, stick on the topic for which you are writing. Post content on the topic which is not already available on the web and it will give you to accomplish your objective to drive more traffic on your site.

“Content is King” is always right, when it is to improve rankings or to boost the popularity of your online business.

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How Mobile SEO Can Increase Value for Offline Business in ROI Terms – EBriks Infotech

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Advantages Of Offering Mobile SEO Services To Offline Business:

By offering SEO services to offline businesses you can earn lot of moolah. If you have a clear knowledge how to drive traffic to a website and get ranking in search engines, there are various other offline businesses that could actually use your expertise and do well.

Get Mobile SEO customers-

It is quite easy to get local SEO clients. You should first start by searching for different types of businesses in your area. You should make use of search keywords based upon area and business type. What will come on the top page of search engine result pages will be those businesses in your area which are getting best SEO. You should create a list of these businesses. Then you should work towards doing similar search on your smart phone.

When you will succeed in doing this, you should narrow your list down to only those businesses that are enjoying a viable online presence but are not getting a good mobile presence. These all are the businesses which you will approach.

The main benefit here is that they fully understand the value of these SEO services which they are offering. They even don’t realize that local search is a big thing on mobile devices.

Sell your services-

Before knocking the door of any businesses, it is important to know exactly which services you’re going to give them. For instance, you may be interested to offer website designing along with SEO. It’s entirely your call but it is important to clearly define what you will do for your clientele base. Otherwise, they may ask you to do those things which are beyond your service area.

You must also create a presentation. You should write a small speech to make use as a sales pitch. The chances are high that they won’t understand the importance of a mobile website which is SEO optimized, so it becomes important to make them understand. You should dig up some relevant facts and statistics.

It is also a nice idea to put together a demo to show them exactly how your website will look like. You should show them their website on a mobile and tell them how you can help them. Instead of just telling them, it is a nice idea to show them.

Last but not the least, in order to get a positive response, you should position yourself as a mobile marketing expert. In this way, you can project yourself as a credible person on whom the client can completely rely.

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Tips To Enhance the Profitability Of Any Content – EBriks Infotech

Friday, October 11th, 2013



Most site owners and businesses have a clear idea about which pages on their website are most profitable. If you have a website but you don’t know this then it is the high time that you should start to find it. There is another way through which you can make your top performing pages more profitable by giving themhigh visibility on your website. Lets’ find out how:

(1) You should move your top content on the higher up in the site structure- While doing auditing of a site’s analytic, we have often come across such pages that are generating conversions but aren’t as prominent as they could be in the website structure. These pages get more visitors from organic search. This is a big opportunity and even though when these pages are doing well, we know that they can work more better if they will be exposed higher up to the website structure. By doing this, it will be easy for your top content to come in the reach of both users and engines.

(2) Start exposing your top content on those pages which have most visits- The another way through which you can generate high revenue from your top content is that you should expose/feature it on the pages that attract high traffic on your website. By doing this, you will get more chance to come in front of more eyes, more often, which can help in increasing visits and conversions on those pages. You can find out the most viewed pages in google analytic by going to content overview and the click on the ‘view full report’ link which is there on the lower right. Then you should sort it by ‘unique page views’.

(3) Take steps to add contextual links to the top content on relevant pages- Internal linking is quite an effective method but however it is underused by SEO. When it comes to gaining high visibility, adding internal links can play an effective role in getting more exposure for your top content assets and thus help in getting high profitability. The main purpose of doing this effectively is to ensure that you have placed those links on the right content and in the proper context.

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New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm Update

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm Update:

Google, the major search engine has come up with its new search algorithm “Hummingbird”. According to the Google, it is aimed to provide the more appropriate search results to the complex queries. Senior Vice President for Search, Amit Singhal confirmed on 26th September, 2013 about the launch of this new algorithm system.

He also told that 90% of searches are affecting worldwide in Google searches. Google is aimed to keep-up with the internet revolution.

What Is It?

People always search the Google for any of the queries, they want to search on the web and this is the major reason, why Google is making all efforts for the best user experience to the online readers.

Keyword based searches are simply deteriorating the system and with help of ‘Hummingbird’, Google Inc is trying to give the appropriate search results. This new search algorithm basically helps to provide the search results most appropriate to the query made by the user.

This algorithm comes up on the 15th Anniversary of Google. It is the biggest algorithmic change after the major “Caffeine” update, which was launched to speed up the process for indexing the sites by the Google. As far as Hummingbird is concerned, it brings more focus on the encyclopedia and enables Google in anticipate the figures or facts that a user is actually looking for.

Hummingbird is actually the algorithm that helps you to provide the exact search results that match best to your query not according to just the words in your search but it is to provide the results that match the meaning what you are asking. It takes into account the whole sentence and its meaning rather than the few words.

Whether It Works?

With “Hummingbird” algorithm update, Google now provide the search results on Knowledge Graph and natural language interpretation. It is not replacing the keyword search, but speeding up the search result process with help of natural language processes that helps to understand the speech or conversational search.

Page Rank Worths?

Page rank plays the crucial role in determining the ranking of the search results on the basis of search query. PR is the important factors in addition to other factors that Google believes that it is high quality page to give the high ranking in the search results.

What all About Other Panda and Penguin updates

Penguin and Panda are other part of the ongoing Google updates and these are all parts of the old algorithm, but it works completely with the Hummingbird search engine.

So, go with “Hummingbird”, Panda and Penguin updates as well, if you are seeking ahead to improve the rankings.

SEO is Dead?

SEO is not dead and never to be dead. SEO is not to trick the search engines; it is to promote your business with good and high quality content that tends to make your potential customer enjoy reading the content. Google all and all emphasize on the “Relevant and High Quality Content”.

In the Nutshell, we can say that “Hummingbird” is the new Gem to the Google Inc that aim to provide the more appropriate search results as that of the users’ queries than before.

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