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TLC Treats ‘My Five Wives’ Like Actual Individuals: 4 Reasons They Are Maybe Perhaps Perhaps Not ‘Sister Wives’

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Watching any truth show according to polygamist families is similar to viewing a car or truck crash in sluggish motion — you merely can not look away, although you know it is going to end up in one of many spouses demanding to get more attention from her spouse as her cousin spouses look on. And TLC’s 2nd show about polygamy My Five spouses isn’t any various.

Despite the fact that imagining life where sharing your spouse could be the norm is pretty difficult to ingest for most of us, it does not suggest we do not would you like to view another person take action. Enter Brady Williams along with his spouses Paulie, Robyn, Nonie, Rhonda, and Rosemary: TLC’s reply to a brand new, more modern part of polygamy.

We knew through the outset that this show could be distinct from Sister spouses, but how asian women after seeing a couple of episodes, it really is clear that in the event that you’re looking for a Sister Wives reboot, My Five spouses is not it. (more…)

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