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Digital Marketing Strategy for Supermarkets – EBriks Infotech

Friday, May 31st, 2013



“A good digital marketing strategy can help your supermarket in expanding its customer base. Read on to know about digital marketing tips for supermarket.”

The days of just having your supermarket advertisement in the Sunday paper are long gone. You may hardly find such people who pick up the newspaper to check out grocery store special discounts. Most people make use of internet to know special coupons/discounts about grocery store. Nowadays, having a robust online stream of communication with your target audience is extremely important. Below are some marketing tips for supermarket that could help your business grow in the digital world.

Create a good website- A good website is an imperative part of your digital marketing. You should ensure that you are creating a solid and up to date website. Also, your website should be having a blog where your grocery store can share its online personality with interested audience. Your website should be having a newsletter sign up form through which you can email specials discounts to your customers. Also, it should be having a video section where employees will talk about different products or even about your grocery store. The main aim of your website should be to build a community of loyal shoppers that do not considered you only like a grocery store but rather like a shopping experience. The entire process will take time and patience but the end result will be useful for you.

Social media marketing- Never doubt on the power of social media as it is here to stay and you may come across to many businesses using a social media strategy in order to sustain in the online world. A viable social media strategy for your supermarket can bring you more nearer to your community and can give your grocery store a medium to communicate, which it never had before.

Search engine optimization (SEO)- Search engine optimization plays crucial role in gaining online visibility. By applying good SEO strategy, you can improve the visibility of your search pages as your website will find place for itself in search engine when anyone conducts search queries. SEO helps in building power and can influence the website ranking. You may come across to many such different areas where you should online list your grocery store to get more exposure. Launching PR is a crucial part of SEO as it helps in gaining strength in your community.

Blogging- Start doing blogging on anything which you want and over the time, you will find that your business has created a personality that your audience is looking for. By creating a strategic approach towards your blog, you will be able to generate a steady flow of inbound traffic to your official website.

Newsletter- A weekly email newsletter can turn out to be much cheaper option than advertising in a newspaper and also it is extremely quick as long as you give people a chance to sign up for it.


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Top 6 Website Conversion Optimization Tips – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013



Before a person goes for holidays, he or she should make sure to follow certain tips that could not affect the business. There are numerous such top conversion optimization tips that could be helpful in achieving the set target, even though a person might on holiday.

Holidays are liked by everybody, just because a person gets time to rejuvenate. He or she gets the needed break, which refreshes both mind and spirit. However, before a person for holidays, it is must to look into business needs. The business should not get affected, else there might be numerous of problems in the coming months. Likewise, SEO guys also take care that there are certain tips followed to let conversion rate stay good even in times of holidays.

Let’s ponder over few of these tips that should be deployed to check that business do not get affected with holidays.

  1. Authentication pages should be masked with temporary or optional passwords, else people might get frustrated entering password again and again and might abandon your site.
  2. One should be Cross-Border & Cross-Country Friendly and should not have just local intent, if possible. There are many niche stores that focus only at local customers, though they might explore the scope even across the country or across the border. A person should be open to this wide market to improve upon the conversion rate.
  3. The return policy should be reviewed. It should be linked from product pages with feel good message. Visitors are always ready to buy with their credit cards in hand. Thus, that factor should not be worried about.
  4. A shopping cart should have the option “check out as a guest”. The site should allow people to shop as a guest, better than to register. Always remember that quick sale is better than no sale.
  5. Shoppers should be made aware of shipping deadlines. People should be asked to buy it now rather than after a span of time. The site should incentivize the sale by introducing a promotion that ends at the same time.
  6. Better customers’ service should be offered to people. There should be the facilities of live chat and social media interaction, as it acts as great opportunities to facilitate assisted website conversion. A person should always keep in mind that these channels are also equally important, as sale channel.

One should follow the above conversion optimization tips to make sure that visitors turn into customers regularly. The changes to implement should be thoroughly checked, before committing anything to visitors. Holiday season come up lots of traffic, making it easier to reach a significance level.


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