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Let’s review the future of personal device and their impact on web design

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

The rapid development in mobile technologies over the past few years has given an entirely new meaning to the information access and availability. With an access to browse the internet at any point of time,  people have now started relying more on mobile devices for virtually anything they may need to do at a particular time. Such an increased use of mobile devices has certainly affected most of the aspects of our daily lives and set new standards in the world of the web. If we talk about the web design, many new things have emerged with the mobile search. However, it is imperative to note here that mobile technologies have no means reached to its full potential and therefore, they are more likely to produce more novelties with which web designers need to cope with.

 How increase use of mobile browsing redefines the web designing world?

It has been proved that major online traffic now comes from smart-phones/tablets. It has translated into a high need for mobile optimization and responsible design, which are pivotal and have now become the crucial elements for both web hosts and web designers. In reality, no business can ignore the importance of mobile web. As a result, web designers are expected to formulate sleek websites which work efficiently on both mobile and desktop browsers & thus, gives a complete new dimension to the user experience.

In the recent years, a new technology, called ‘wearable technology’ has come up in the market. The pace at which the market for new technology is growing clearly implies that the today, world has become more connected and visualized. As per some reports, by 2025, wearable would become fully immersed in our daily lives, which would certainly leave its impact on future web design techniques.

Although, it is still too early to predict about the extent to which web design would get changed due to expansion of wearable, but it is reasonable to expect that at some point of time in the future, they will become the source of web searches. Such possibility would not only affect web design, but also the web hosting sector in general, needing new technologies, server response time and delivery models.

 Present situation

In reality, the mobile device boom has taken most of the industries by storm and therefore, there is no reason of why wearable technology will not work. We see that mobile browsing has become more and more dominant, the same thing would might happen with wearable, which is indeed a good reason for web designers to take this technology seriously.

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Best Blog Promotion Techniques from EBriks Infotech Pvt Ltd

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Best Blog Promotion Techniques from EBriks Infotech Pvt Ltd
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SEO doesn’t only revolve around your website

Friday, November 14th, 2014

SEO doesn’t only revolve around your website:

As marketers, we sometimes require to step back in order to emphasize more on the bigger picture. The article is written to discuss how offline, social and email channels can be blended together so that they can effectively work with SEO.

For most of us, when we talk about SEO and search, we usually think about our website only. However, it is not completely true because people not only search on other channels, but they also search on the basis of what they see on other networks. In order to get optimum marketing results, it is important to blend SEO with our marketing avenues. Let’s have a close look towards it.

1= Offline channels

Just assume, 70% of online users saw something on TV, print on the highway during their morning journey and then headed over to the internet in order to search for it. As marketers, it is our main job to make sure that when people take that step then they actually find your website. In such a stage, SEO plays an indispensable role. As marketers, it becomes important for us to carefully align our SEO strategy with offline marketing campaigns in order to make sure that our website can be easily found. We need to pay attention towards below points-

What types of tag lines we are using?

What are the story lines?

What is there in the advertisement copy?

How can we make advertisement memorable?

How will people search for our advertisement?

Then we need to carefully integrate all these points into our website and other online social channels also in order to capture the attention of offline audience.

 2= Social media

It is crucial to check that you are not only monitoring the right set of keywords and responding to these queries, but making sure that you are using the right terms in your updates so that users can easily find you. To make it possible, give your social team a complete list of keywords which people usually use in order to find your business. You can teach them how to use webmaster tool and other keyword related tools.

 3= Email marketing

As per an estimation, an email is regarded as one of the most useful marketing tactics. According to a market survey, over 88% of B2B marketers have chosen email as the effective way of lead generation. Email marketing is one of the most useful channels that business owners use for promoting, engaging, retaining and building relationships with potential and new customers. As search engines are constantly crawling your website for new content, the important point in both SEO and email marketing is content. You may require good content for each website landing page with targeted keyword phrases. You are also required to have good content in email campaigns, newsletters and articles in order to persuade readers to open your emails.

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Approach for Rising SME and MSMEs – EBriks Infotech

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Approach for Rising SME and MSMEs – EBriks Infotech from EBriks Infotech Pvt Ltd
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