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Html Link behind Flash Content

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Adding a HTML link behind a flash content is always a debate for knowing whether a SEO is good or bad. Here are some steps to add such a HTML link behind the flash content and identify whether it supports to the quality of the Search Engine Optimization.

Procedure to insert a HTML link behind the flash content

Sometimes while integrating the Flash movie or content in the pages of HTML some problems like layout issues like the dropdown menu appearance in your HTML underneath the Flash content or movie may occur. This always is annoying.

This occurs all the time as the default browsers position the embedded content on the upper most layers of the flash content. A lot of flash content which are present online give the surfers this annoyance.

A quick repair to the problem mentioned above shall be the addition of the “wmode” and to set the values as “transparent” on the embed tag. (P.S: The “wmode” tag may not be supporting in some of the web browsers)

Nevertheless, in case of the background color of the Flash movie when not same as that of the color of the HTML page? (May not be a good example, but just for the sake of argument)

This is where the insertion of the “Flash behind HTML” system may come in practical.

To attain this, it is necessary to make use of the layering system in the HTML pages, and an additional probable value for “wmode” tag that is “opaque” shall be made use of.

The layering process in the CSS has very much the similar concepts like that of the layering process in Flash contents. To do the layering using CSS, it is essential to make use of a unique feature known as the z-index. The smaller the value of the z-index, lower is the position they occupy in the stack. So the details that are fed in layer 2 (or in the z-index: 2) will obstruct those which are fed in the layer 1 (or otherwise z-index: 1).

Usage of negative z-index is never advised as it will not show up on the Mozilla browser. If there are about 2 objects having the same layers, the one which comes second will be on the top of the other one which comes first.

Flash content Versus Good SEO

Always any web page which has a flash content is of bad reputation and thus to overcome this factor, there are certain requirements of Flash for successful usage.

It is best advised to chop the flash content into separate entities which have to be installed in every page.

Programming the accessibility of Flash does not fall under spamming till the substitute content precisely reflects the movie. In fact, the substitute content is obligatory if it is necessary for building an accessible web site.


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