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How does Sex Hurt? Reasons for Soreness with Intercourse

Friday, November 15th, 2019

All sex would be consensual and enjoyable, all parties involved would be in the mood at the same time, and everyone would have a great experience in a perfect world. Being a naturopathic physician working in females’s wellness, i will be no stranger towards the question, “why does intercourse harm?” And neither are a definite percentage that is large of.

Analysis shows, for the shocking 10-20% of U.S. women, intercourse can be hugely painful.

If you’re experiencing discomfort during or after intercourse, understand that you’re not the only one (even though it might appear as if you are!) and that there are choices to minmise your vexation.

What exactly is intercourse that is painful?

Painful sexual intercourse is an extensive, basic term utilized to explain discomfort skilled instantly before, during, or after intercourse.

Lots of women (as well as some men) experience recurrent or persistent pain inside their genitals linked to sex.

What’s dyspareunia?

The medical term for painful sexual activity is dyspareunia.

This is certainly a term that encompasses all pain that is genital with intercourse.

Dyspareunia can relate to pain skilled upon initial penetration into the vagina or vulva. It references deeper discomfort thought during intercourse within the cervix or pelvis.

There are 2 kinds of dyspareunia: Entry dyspareunia and Deep dyspareunia.

Entry dyspareunia refers to discomfort in the opening or introitus for the vagina. (more…)

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