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Why Pintrest Marketing is Important and How to get into that?

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013



Why Pintrest Marketing is Important and How to get into that?

Pintrest is an image sharing social networking site that is growing in popularity. As a result, interest marketing is also growing in demand. It brings in referral traffic and helps in brand popularity. Users can create their business profile without hassle.

There are different social media sites that are growing popular with time. One of these sites that have recently been in market is Pintrest, the image sharing social networking site. It is said that Pintrest marketing brings in referral traffic to a website, helping in brand image popularity. It is important to have knowledge of what type of images should get into Pintrest to let them go viral.

The remarkable feature of Pintrest is that it seems to understand people better. Pintrest business pages that are expected to turn up in market is really great news for businesses. People can also covert their existing personal profiles into business pages with just one click or design a new profile page for their business. is the place where a new Pintrest page for business can be started. This page also gives users an option to convert this page into business page, if required. It is simple process, where the company’s information along with logo can be uploaded.

This site also gives users an opportunity to get their websites versified. The verification file can be downloaded and uploaded to the root path of your website.  Then, through Pintrest, the upload file can be verified. It would allow verify sign to be displayed on your business page of Pintrest and would improve upon the authenticity of the profile.

The research has shown that message shared through images is better understood by people than through other sources. Pintrest gives more weight age to product images. If the website is dealing with products, it is recommended to post product images on Pintrest to let them go viral. Downloading the images from this site is not recommended. Instead, one should just enter url and let the site grab the images automatically. If your site does not deal in products, then you can share hand drawn images, quote image or Infographicsto design your business Pintrest profile.

It is therefore said that Infographics are great for Pintrest, as they bring in better visibility. The interesting information shared through Infographics spread like viral. The more the number of repins, the higher is the number of quality social signals, which has direct impact on the search engine ranking. Moreover, the Infographics carries the brand. The more it is shared, the more the brand gets popular. Thus, with these Infographics, the brand recognition can reach new heights.

The Infographics should be shared on website or blog with an option, “add pin” to add the image. It would create hyperlink, which would drive in good amount of referral traffic to the website. The expertise and knowledge to do Pintrest marketing can really do wonders for your business.


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How To Create A Viable Image For Your Online Business? – EBriks Infotech

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Creating a positive image for your business is required to establish yourself in the online world. A good image reflects your commitment to quality and excellence. So, it is necessary to draft a good image marketing strategy to create a positive brand image of your business.

How To Create A Viable Image For Your Online Business?

Branding is essentially a crucial consideration for every business, irrespective of their size.  Branding can be quite simple as well as exciting and large-scale but it is required that all businesses should be having a vibrant and effective online image.

Visual impressions are important- You should never make the mistake of underestimating the importance of visual impressions of your products/services. Many research results have concluded that it takes a potential buyer only few seconds after exposure to your products to decide whether they want to partner with you or not.

You require a website- A simple website is pivotally important component for creating visual impression of your business. A good website can really work wonders for you by drawing many people towards your business and telling them more about who you are and what you can do. You would be interested in creating a good impression of your business through website, so making an investment in website development is well worth your time and effort. Always remember that a successful image is the fundamental to the success of any company. A good image acts as the connecting link between you and your potential customers.

Internet and branding- The internet medium is quite different from other advertising media, like, television, radio, newspapers, etc. It is not possible to advertise businesses in a ‘traditional’ ways via the internet. Although, you would be needed different strategies for developing your online image, web media is certainly prove to be an effective place for creating awareness among people about your products/services.

How should you portray your business online?

There are lots of things which you should consider while developing your business’s online image, but below ingredients can really help to create a strong and powerful web brand-


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