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Let’s review the future of personal device and their impact on web design

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

The rapid development in mobile technologies over the past few years has given an entirely new meaning to the information access and availability. With an access to browse the internet at any point of time,  people have now started relying more on mobile devices for virtually anything they may need to do at a particular time. Such an increased use of mobile devices has certainly affected most of the aspects of our daily lives and set new standards in the world of the web. If we talk about the web design, many new things have emerged with the mobile search. However, it is imperative to note here that mobile technologies have no means reached to its full potential and therefore, they are more likely to produce more novelties with which web designers need to cope with.

 How increase use of mobile browsing redefines the web designing world?

It has been proved that major online traffic now comes from smart-phones/tablets. It has translated into a high need for mobile optimization and responsible design, which are pivotal and have now become the crucial elements for both web hosts and web designers. In reality, no business can ignore the importance of mobile web. As a result, web designers are expected to formulate sleek websites which work efficiently on both mobile and desktop browsers & thus, gives a complete new dimension to the user experience.

In the recent years, a new technology, called ‘wearable technology’ has come up in the market. The pace at which the market for new technology is growing clearly implies that the today, world has become more connected and visualized. As per some reports, by 2025, wearable would become fully immersed in our daily lives, which would certainly leave its impact on future web design techniques.

Although, it is still too early to predict about the extent to which web design would get changed due to expansion of wearable, but it is reasonable to expect that at some point of time in the future, they will become the source of web searches. Such possibility would not only affect web design, but also the web hosting sector in general, needing new technologies, server response time and delivery models.

 Present situation

In reality, the mobile device boom has taken most of the industries by storm and therefore, there is no reason of why wearable technology will not work. We see that mobile browsing has become more and more dominant, the same thing would might happen with wearable, which is indeed a good reason for web designers to take this technology seriously.

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Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance – EBriks Infotech

Friday, October 18th, 2013


Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance:

It has been seen that searcher locality influence regular search results for nearly every query. As this location is auto-detected and therefore, it is not possible to omit it from a search. You will be able to change it to another location within your nation.

Even very generic searches are affected in different ways. Due to this reason, local links are getting more importance also when it comes about your important keywords. In order to dominate a search theme for every visitor from different location, you should add city-specific pages and texts to your website which will enhance your chances.

So, what is the meaning of local link building and how can you acquire locally relevant links? Let’s find out.

Indulge in local building to get location relevance:

It is pertinent to address location relevance city-by-city. There are some cities which have a positive impact on their neighbouring cities and therefore, it is important to first focus on the larger cities. When you decide to google for only a city name, you will get results like:

You can copy your strategy on a service in one city with the same service in other city. Some of the examples are-

  1. Sponsor some local events- It is true that bigger events can bring more link value but their sponsorship can become very costly. Smaller events become happy with your sponsorship and they even don’t realize that they have brought some easy to grasp content like local link value for you.
  2. Start buying old campaign websites- Local government gets linked to information campaigns which are no longer active. You should contact the owner and try to get the control over the link value.

Become local:

Even if you are offering your products/services nationwide, Google has made it clear that being local helps in increasing ranking. You should take all necessary steps to cover the most important cities. Take all crucial measures to go local!

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Branding is the Name of the Game – EBriks Infotech

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Branding is the feeling about any product or service:


If you own a website, it is wise to go with the enhanced way for marketing and branding of the business so that potential customers can drive into your business. It is also a helpful way to maintain the key relationship with the targeted customers. You have to go with the branding so that you can maintain the positive impression of your business on the web based platform.

To achieve this clear and strategic objective, you have to go with the creative strategy and plan that can work to beat the competition and earn the revenues in your business.

There are three key aspects that you need to consider, when you are going for branding of the business. If you are looking forward to make the brand strategy as the successful one, you need to know the target market, online personality of the business, and what you offer to visitors.

Target Market

What you are uploading online must have some mission and it must grab the attention of target customers.


First, define the way how to approach the target customers and then go according to it. You must have to know what people are expecting. Be careful of the consistency, you surely would get the review as the reliable website where customers can get the relevant and informative content.


Once you gain the attention of online readers, you then need to make them convinced of what services/ products you are offering. List awards and exciting offers so that customers can rely upon.

Creative Brand Strategy with Off-Line World

If you have become successful to blast the online marketing campaign with fine customer responses, it is better now to go with the offline marketing and advertising efforts. You can spread non-virtual communications effectively with brochures and business letters.

Always try to bring potential customers to your business and grab their attention as well.

Check Results

When you are going with the solid strategy to tap the customers, it is also wise to analyze the results and effectiveness of the branding. It’s easy to track the effectiveness of the online branding and advertising efforts with help of tools available but offline its somehow tough to track the results.

Via online, you can track the sales, market share growth, click-through and other aspects.

In the nutshell, choosing the creative strategy is the key point and you must explore the options in getting the entire array of points into your branding strategy.

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Why Pintrest Marketing is Important and How to get into that?

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013



Why Pintrest Marketing is Important and How to get into that?

Pintrest is an image sharing social networking site that is growing in popularity. As a result, interest marketing is also growing in demand. It brings in referral traffic and helps in brand popularity. Users can create their business profile without hassle.

There are different social media sites that are growing popular with time. One of these sites that have recently been in market is Pintrest, the image sharing social networking site. It is said that Pintrest marketing brings in referral traffic to a website, helping in brand image popularity. It is important to have knowledge of what type of images should get into Pintrest to let them go viral.

The remarkable feature of Pintrest is that it seems to understand people better. Pintrest business pages that are expected to turn up in market is really great news for businesses. People can also covert their existing personal profiles into business pages with just one click or design a new profile page for their business. is the place where a new Pintrest page for business can be started. This page also gives users an option to convert this page into business page, if required. It is simple process, where the company’s information along with logo can be uploaded.

This site also gives users an opportunity to get their websites versified. The verification file can be downloaded and uploaded to the root path of your website.  Then, through Pintrest, the upload file can be verified. It would allow verify sign to be displayed on your business page of Pintrest and would improve upon the authenticity of the profile.

The research has shown that message shared through images is better understood by people than through other sources. Pintrest gives more weight age to product images. If the website is dealing with products, it is recommended to post product images on Pintrest to let them go viral. Downloading the images from this site is not recommended. Instead, one should just enter url and let the site grab the images automatically. If your site does not deal in products, then you can share hand drawn images, quote image or Infographicsto design your business Pintrest profile.

It is therefore said that Infographics are great for Pintrest, as they bring in better visibility. The interesting information shared through Infographics spread like viral. The more the number of repins, the higher is the number of quality social signals, which has direct impact on the search engine ranking. Moreover, the Infographics carries the brand. The more it is shared, the more the brand gets popular. Thus, with these Infographics, the brand recognition can reach new heights.

The Infographics should be shared on website or blog with an option, “add pin” to add the image. It would create hyperlink, which would drive in good amount of referral traffic to the website. The expertise and knowledge to do Pintrest marketing can really do wonders for your business.


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