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Ways to Improve Ecommerce Website Conversion Rate – EBriks Infotech

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Businesses follow different marketing trends to educate people about the related product or services and encourage them to visit your site and get the needed information. SEO, Search, Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing tool that increases the number of visitors to a site by improving its ranking. Now, there comes the conversion rate that converts the number of visitors to the number of buyers. Higher the conversion rate, better it is for the business. There are lot many factors that come into role in improving the e-commerce conversion rate.

In addition to it, videos posting for the product pages can be beneficial. The videos that display the working of the products can also boost conversion rate. There are several other tips for the promotion of website and increasing the conversion rate. The business owners should contact specialists or subject matter experts to get the best results.

One of the important SEO activities is to check conversion rate. It is the number of visitors converting into the number of customers. There are few of the ways that could be helpful in boosting the conversion rate. Focusing on activities that are found useful by customers, high quality content and easy accessibility of contacting the provider are few of the major ways to improve the eCommerce conversion rate.

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How to Increase Online Sales, How EBriks can help you to increase sales from your website?

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Many companies are spreading their arms in online field to augment their leads and increase their revenue. Looking into the change in lifestyle of people with the coming of internet, these industries have started e-commerce to spread message and educate people about the product or services. These companies have give people the facility to buy stuff online. In order to promote the same, they look for various ways to increase their online sales.

There are different ways that could be used to educate online visitors about the business or the products or service to sell. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is one of the powerful tools that increase the number of visitors to the site and thus, increase the chance of improving the revenue. This technique keeps a check on number of factors, like optimization of content, link building, title and meta-tags, etc that could help people to reach the site. Quality content has gained much significance in improving ranking of the website as well as bringing in traffic. The updates brought in by search engines in the past year have made it a significant improvement for consumers.

PPC is another area to be looked into. It is a paid advertising method, where businesses have to pay for every click made by a visitor. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it brings in well-targeted traffic that consists of people who are actually looking for the product or services, thus, leading to higher conversion rate.

Social media is one of the emerging techniques, as it gives people the platform to interact and talk about the related services. This technique has helped businesses to maintain their online reputation by interacting with the unsatisfied customers and helping them resolve their issues and posting testimonies and reviews of satisfied customers to attract potential buyers.

Image optimization, video optimization, etc are few of the other techniques that are emerging and capturing market to attract views. The research shows that the content, when posted with image or video attract more number of people and thus, contribute in increasing the online sales.

Ebriks focuses on all the associated factors to encourage visitors to interact and convert into potential buyers. Working with different approach of AIDAS (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction), the company offers the best-in-class online solutions to its customers such that they get the best return over their investments in the form of online sales.

The web has empowered people with convenient way of making purchase or availing services. As a result, the companies have also started offering online services to people. They adopt various techniques to market their products and educate people about the same. SEO, PPC, social media, image marketing, etc are few of the recent trends that are followed by companies to encourage online sales.

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Inbound marketing is the first best step to achieve success in the online business

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Inbound marketing is growing day by day in the business world. This online marketing has provided the business opportunities more priority than before. It helps in spreading the word about your business worldwide and increases the visitor’s traffic on your web business. Gone are the days when a businessman has to promote his business through outbound process or traditional marketing. Marketing budget is still required in inbound process to aware the targeted audience with the services you are providing but at very low cost with more effectiveness as compared to traditional marketing budget system.

Why traditional marketing not best as inbound marketing is?




Now a question arises that what is the main work is done in inbound marketing to get better result?

Today all the web surfers use search engines to get the information for their need or requirement. After search we get the best results with leads. How the companies got arranged with first rank to least in the result we searched? Obviously it is not done by the search engines then who do this? This is the main work of inbound marketing experts to rank the business website high in the list of search engine results. Content, keywords analysis, footer codes and all the methods are to be prepared by experts to rank the site in search engines. Inbound marketing not only manage this all but also explore your SEO and electronic mail marketing and realize the customers why they are best then others.

Therefore you are realizing now an inbound marketing is a good way to invest energy and time as compared to your earlier thoughts. This is the reason that mostly the big companies rely on inbound marketing firm to do better tasks for them. It will ensure you that the result will not depressed you along with saving of time, energy and money.

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How can I increase the visits and clicks to my website?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Tips to increase the visitor and clicks on the Website

When we talk about increasing website traffic, then it includes several different things, like increasing hits, increasing pageviews, increasing sessions, and increasing unique visitors. With the help of SEO techniques, you can always increase the visitors and clicks.

Usually, on the higher level only pageviews, user sessions, and unique and return visitors are measured. So following are the few of the tips that will help you in increasing the visits and clicks to the respective website:

Such things will cost you nothing and you can promote your website without any hassle. Not only this, you can always use these tricks, which will help you in technical ways. People will become aware of you and your services.


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