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Hit or flops of 2014 digital marketing sector- 5 Predictions for the marketing world

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

5 Predictions for the digital marketing world for 2014:

This time, we will unveil some of the predictions for 2014, which might prove to be helpful for all the webmasters. Let’s delve deep into some of our predictions-

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Inbound marketing is the first best step to achieve success in the online business

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Inbound marketing is growing day by day in the business world. This online marketing has provided the business opportunities more priority than before. It helps in spreading the word about your business worldwide and increases the visitor’s traffic on your web business. Gone are the days when a businessman has to promote his business through outbound process or traditional marketing. Marketing budget is still required in inbound process to aware the targeted audience with the services you are providing but at very low cost with more effectiveness as compared to traditional marketing budget system.

Why traditional marketing not best as inbound marketing is?




Now a question arises that what is the main work is done in inbound marketing to get better result?

Today all the web surfers use search engines to get the information for their need or requirement. After search we get the best results with leads. How the companies got arranged with first rank to least in the result we searched? Obviously it is not done by the search engines then who do this? This is the main work of inbound marketing experts to rank the business website high in the list of search engine results. Content, keywords analysis, footer codes and all the methods are to be prepared by experts to rank the site in search engines. Inbound marketing not only manage this all but also explore your SEO and electronic mail marketing and realize the customers why they are best then others.

Therefore you are realizing now an inbound marketing is a good way to invest energy and time as compared to your earlier thoughts. This is the reason that mostly the big companies rely on inbound marketing firm to do better tasks for them. It will ensure you that the result will not depressed you along with saving of time, energy and money.

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Build Your Online Brand with Social Media Optimization

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

If you want your website to be the beneficiary of instant exposure and increase inbound links, social media optimization (SMO) can help you in endless ways.

A subset of search engine optimizationsocial media optimization (SMO) is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among business owners and online marketers. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the fact that SMO is extremely useful to create more visibility for a business and its website using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hubpages, Digg, Squidoo, Blogger, Delicious, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of social media optimization is that an online business can easily drive traffic to its website through RSS feeds, social news, and sharing buttons. Moreover, SMO tools and techniques such as commenting on other blogs, participating in discussion groups, blogging, and status update postings on social networking profiles can be highly useful in generating awareness about an online business. This improved awareness can then be used to create demand for the products and services offered by the business and improve search engine rankings.

If that was not all, social media optimization techniques can be used for encouraging internet users to bookmark site pages and participate in community groups. Furthermore, SMO is also useful to create fresh, appealing, and relevant content that can encourage site visitors to become regular customers and promote the site to family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

In addition to all these advantages, search engines such as Google have already started crawling data from SMO-enriched and supported sites and many sites have already benefited from improved search rankings. Social media optimization can even be used for generating thousands of quality inbound links from a website in a short span of time and helping a business build brand equity in quick time. This affordable yet highly effective marketing strategy is also beneficial for promoting high and quick returns on investments. The best part is that SMO results can easily be measured and quantified.

In short, social media optimization could be the integral part of your online marketing strategy as it is extremely useful to create awareness and recognition for your business and its site. In addition to that, SMO will also help your site become a beneficiary of hundreds and thousands of inbound links from high ranking sites.

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Our Site Speed is slower than 94% of Sites Online! How to Improve?

Monday, April 9th, 2012

These are the things to be done in order to increase page load times. Have an idea of the page load times now so that u can see later how this affects you.

    1. Utilizing the Cache Plug-in -

This saves the webpages as html files and enables fewer PHP calls to WordPress so that the page loads way faster. Super cache is what is used more, but Quick cache or Total cache can also be a viable alternative.

    1. Usage of Content Delivery Network

Using Content Delivery Network, such as Cloud Front from Amazon can easily offload network traffic like CSS, JavaScript, etc. This makes the site load very fast. Max CDN is another way when coupled with Total cache, can deliver very fast load times.

    1. Reducing clutters in Sidebar-

Loading of sidebar widgets can also affect load speeds, which consume network resources unnecessarily. Removing the widgets will present a cleaner design of the web pages.

    1. Social Button Reduction

Social buttons are a big drag on the resources as they tend to be of a large file size. The Share bar plugin especially has many links and takes ages to load. So it is advisable to keep only popular sites as shares, like Facebook or Twitter or Google. Also adding them before and after the posts may increase sharing, but reduce load times.

    1. Avoiding commenting system extras

Loading times of comment systems can be pretty huge. There are lots of comment systems including the ever popular Facebook comment system. Word press comments are the fastest to load. But usage of Facebook comments over Word press essentially results in a tradeoff between load times and popularity.

    1. Remove Gravatars

Hosting Gravatars may be looking cool and attract comments and all that, but when comments become large, loading up 200 Gravatars can really slow the load times of the page. So disable them for a clean comment system.

    1. Loading of fewer comments

Load only 5 to 6 comments and load further if the user requests it. This will load up the page faster and make it more responsive. Utilize the Word Press comment settings (Settings>Discussion) for reduction of comments to be seen. Stopping spam comments and also stopping their attempts can significantly aid in proper load times.

    1. JavaScript at bottom, minimize, compress

Shifting of JavaScript to footer can be rewarding as it does not interfere with the page loading. Combining of JavaScript too can save a lot of resources. Always loading of CSS should be in HEAD and minimize the use of CSS if possible.

    1. Reduce Images and their sizes

Keeping image sizes low, using lesser colors to save and compressing it high will result in small file sizes for embedding. Loading up few images per site is also essential. Offloading them to a CDN can also be a viable option. There are several plugins, which compress the images on the net to boost up load times.

  1. Embedding fewer videos

Embedding of YouTube videos resulted in page load times to be highest If it is also the popular page, then the visitors may experience very slow speeds.So embedded videos should be kept to a minimum.

Additionally latest browsers have facility to compress the web pages and display them quickly to us. Simple tweaks to the .ini file of the site can compress the site significantly. Some sites may also have the option directly to enable GZip. These are being implemented on a regular basis by many. But then proper tweaking can result in amazing load times, which made the site load twice as fast.

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