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Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance – EBriks Infotech

Friday, October 18th, 2013


Technique To Generate Links Location Based Relevance:

It has been seen that searcher locality influence regular search results for nearly every query. As this location is auto-detected and therefore, it is not possible to omit it from a search. You will be able to change it to another location within your nation.

Even very generic searches are affected in different ways. Due to this reason, local links are getting more importance also when it comes about your important keywords. In order to dominate a search theme for every visitor from different location, you should add city-specific pages and texts to your website which will enhance your chances.

So, what is the meaning of local link building and how can you acquire locally relevant links? Let’s find out.

Indulge in local building to get location relevance:

It is pertinent to address location relevance city-by-city. There are some cities which have a positive impact on their neighbouring cities and therefore, it is important to first focus on the larger cities. When you decide to google for only a city name, you will get results like:

You can copy your strategy on a service in one city with the same service in other city. Some of the examples are-

  1. Sponsor some local events- It is true that bigger events can bring more link value but their sponsorship can become very costly. Smaller events become happy with your sponsorship and they even don’t realize that they have brought some easy to grasp content like local link value for you.
  2. Start buying old campaign websites- Local government gets linked to information campaigns which are no longer active. You should contact the owner and try to get the control over the link value.

Become local:

Even if you are offering your products/services nationwide, Google has made it clear that being local helps in increasing ranking. You should take all necessary steps to cover the most important cities. Take all crucial measures to go local!

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B2B Search Marketers are Ignoring Some Basics SEO Rules

Monday, September 2nd, 2013



While doing SEO, B2B search marketers are ignoring some basics SEO rules, which in turn hampering the entire process. Many B2B webmasters commit mistake as they pave their focus only on building links. It is true that link building is an important tactic but if you will place too much emphasize on it then it can work against you. Let’s find out some of the short term and long term strategies which should be used by B2B webmasters-

Short-term strategies:

Below are some of the short-term link and brand building strategies that will generate quick results and link profile growth-

Long term strategies:

Below are some of the viable long-term link building strategies which can easily be carried out for an indefinite time period and may or may not include links. They will create a strong online brand presence and will establish you in the market as a trusted information source in the industry.


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Tips To Make Videos To Generate More Quality Links

Monday, July 15th, 2013



Videos can proved to be costly and time-consuming investment. Specially for small businesses, the total cost of producing video will always need to weighed against other marketing investments. The sad part of the story is that video is tough to sell, especially when it is a daunting task to predict the ROI from its significant expense.

Let’s find out some useful ways through which you can use videos to augment and enhance link-building activity-

By making use of video as a media type within interactive content-

By making use of YouTube to build links:

Make use of videos for improving and augmenting page types-

Have a viable blogging strategy-

Boost PR activity with video news release

Content type which you are required- Video news releases play useful role in any PR campaign, since they attract interests of journalists. Generally, reporters have shortage of the time and therefore, they cannot add interest element into each story, but with a video release, you can complete the half the work for them. All editors need to do with a video news release is put together a supporting paragraph & then embed the video and click the publish.

Technical implementation required- You should always host your video news releases on YouTube, since most of the websites embed YouTube videos on their website and they also know how to get an embed code from a video on


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7 Awesome Ways To Build Relevant Local Links

Saturday, July 6th, 2013



If you have a locally based website, then guess what you can enjoy? You will be getting more link building options! Not only they will generate top notch opportunities but will also be relevant too! Let’s have a look on crucial ways through which you can take advantage of local link opportunities and strengthen your link building campaign-

First, you should prepare a list of those local businesses in your industry that are not in your direct competition. For instance, if your business offers outdoor adventure services then you should approach local transport operators. You should avoid approaching big companies with a main corporate website and should focus more on locally owned franchises, having their own website. Next, you should study their local business websites and find out the page on their website for local links, vendors, partners and so forth. It is important that these pages should be having links to other businesses in the sector, so that you can expand your reachability. Now, you can either contact the business owner via email to introduce your business or can personally visit the owner and talk to the owner.

If you will establish local partnerships, you will not only succeeded in building links to your website but will also open the door for more business opportunities.


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