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Some New and Exciting Google Analytic Features For Marketers – EBriks Infotech

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Measurement & Tracking-

Is the Google analytic help you in taking marketing decisions? Do you know about the latest changes in Google analytic? Google has recently shift to secure search but marketers who are using the information to guide their content analysis & marketing, the loss of keyword data has been great.

In the recent times, Google has updated analytic with over 10 new features that are useful for business owners who take decisions on the basis of how their audience interacts with their social account and website. Read on to find out what’s new in Google analytic and how you can leverage the most of the changes to benefit your business.

New Google analytic reports-

When you will log into the updated Google analytic account, you’ll see that there have been a major change as traffic source analysis and content have been replaced by acquisition and behavior. This new acquisition section gives you two different views- overview and channel. The overview report helps in knowing which channels are bringing the maximum visitors and which channels are bringing in visitors who can convert into customers or email subscribers. While, the overview report helps in displaying the summary of data, the channel report gives a more detailed view of the visitor acquisition.

The most notable feature of this new acquisition report is that you can easily define the channel groupings, which help you in tracking different sources or media in a more customized and consolidated group. Moreover, if the default channel groupings are not generating the desired results then you can easily change them and add your sources of traffic in different groups.

Analytic ABC Reporting-

One more crucial change in Google Analytic is the introduction of new analytic ABC reporting. With the help of this new report, it is possible to see the information about the acquisition of new visitors, how they are behaving and how they are converting into loyal readers. You can see the analytic ABC in action primarily in the overview report, under the head ‘acquisition’ but can also see in other reports, like location, demographics, etc. It means, now you can see a great variety of conversion data in the summary view of the report. Also, if you are tracking conversions for different goals, you can easily change the conversion goal in the conversion group. It means, it is possible to see the same report conversion data for various goals without putting lot of efforts.

Easy and quick segmentation-

Nowadays, segments in Google analytic have become easier for new users to navigate and are therefore, more powerful for advanced marketers. Along with a new user interface, it is now possible to segment your visitors and create segment templates. Either you can create your own new segment or can also import a predefined segment from the Google analytic gallery where you can easily find some of the most popular segments created by Google analytic team.

New demographic dataset-

Earlier, there was no demographic dataset in Google analytic. But now, data collected from double click third party cookies can be found in the new demographic report. You can see the useful information about your audience’s interest, age and gender in few mouse clicks. In this way, you can improve your marketing campaigns in Google ad-words by creating different ads for specific segment of audience.

In order to see these reports, you’ll be required to activate demographics data by following below steps-

You need to change the tracking code in order to support display advertising.

Do a regular updation of your privacy policy in order to comply with the policy requirements for display advertisement.

You will required to enable demographic data in the audience reports.

Auto event tracking-

The Google tag manager updates have made measuring things like click on ads, calls to action with event tracking, easy by introducing the concept of auto-event tracking. It means, you don’t need to worry about java script or HTML code during your setup. Google Tag manager is a free tool that helps in managing all the tracking codes from one place and you can also edit them.

Useful improved user education-

Along with the interface changes, Google Analytic has also introduced some new and improved educational resources. They have introduced the analytic academy and different digital analytic fundamental course, which gives a viable foundation to marketers and business owners who want to get better understanding of the principles of analytic and improve their web business.

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