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How Mobile SEO Can Increase Value for Offline Business in ROI Terms – EBriks Infotech

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Advantages Of Offering Mobile SEO Services To Offline Business:

By offering SEO services to offline businesses you can earn lot of moolah. If you have a clear knowledge how to drive traffic to a website and get ranking in search engines, there are various other offline businesses that could actually use your expertise and do well.

Get Mobile SEO customers-

It is quite easy to get local SEO clients. You should first start by searching for different types of businesses in your area. You should make use of search keywords based upon area and business type. What will come on the top page of search engine result pages will be those businesses in your area which are getting best SEO. You should create a list of these businesses. Then you should work towards doing similar search on your smart phone.

When you will succeed in doing this, you should narrow your list down to only those businesses that are enjoying a viable online presence but are not getting a good mobile presence. These all are the businesses which you will approach.

The main benefit here is that they fully understand the value of these SEO services which they are offering. They even don’t realize that local search is a big thing on mobile devices.

Sell your services-

Before knocking the door of any businesses, it is important to know exactly which services you’re going to give them. For instance, you may be interested to offer website designing along with SEO. It’s entirely your call but it is important to clearly define what you will do for your clientele base. Otherwise, they may ask you to do those things which are beyond your service area.

You must also create a presentation. You should write a small speech to make use as a sales pitch. The chances are high that they won’t understand the importance of a mobile website which is SEO optimized, so it becomes important to make them understand. You should dig up some relevant facts and statistics.

It is also a nice idea to put together a demo to show them exactly how your website will look like. You should show them their website on a mobile and tell them how you can help them. Instead of just telling them, it is a nice idea to show them.

Last but not the least, in order to get a positive response, you should position yourself as a mobile marketing expert. In this way, you can project yourself as a credible person on whom the client can completely rely.

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