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We had left Earth because I was being taken over by the aliens that where discovered from other planets.

Friday, September 6th, 2019

Through out all this our parents where still within the starship not likely even focused on us. There clearly was and example on how much our parents care about us. I assume they do care but provide us with a lot of independence. They where geeks kind of. We got back to the ship and my buddy told our parents in what had happened. They where like alright lets go then and didn’t ask if we where ok. My brother was continue reading this like in shock or something, I was to but didn’t show it. He previously the right to be frightened and shocked because its its not all day you show up a life and death situation. I loved my brother and all but he was sometimes annoying.

Given that starship shot to popularity I wondered what the next place would be like. I experienced to prevent wondering we where about to explore because we where already about to enter the new atmosphere of the planet. (more…)

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