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How to Convert Website Visitors into Paid Customer?

Saturday, July 6th, 2013



If landing page bounce rates causing serious issues, if the unnecessary pay per click solutions are wasting both your time and money, than it is the time to work and optimize your landing page. Landing pages play vital role in e-mail marketing, pay per click, press releases, search engine marketing and in other aspects related to online marketing. Enhancement of your conversion rates strongly depend on the landing page. Let’s have a look on some of the effective ways to effective optimization of your page:


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How Online Marketing Drives Offline Success?

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Social Media offers numerous opportunities to companies to attract new customers and help spread brand awareness. The well planned social strategy can help companies to boost sales and bring profitable growth.

It is beyond doubt that social platforms are increasing in numbers because of the support provided by them to the businesses of all types. It enhances the online exposure with myriad of benefits both for organizations as well for consumers. At one end, where consumers get the platform to interact and engage in conversation and share their reviews, while at other end, organizations can take advantage of people’s reviews for improving upon the services. Thus, social media offers various business opportunities.

These days, social media campaigns are run by different organizations to build brand awareness and improve upon the online presence. The study shows that around 61% of businesses use this platform to win over the customers. People recommend various products and services and even follow up their declared intention to make a purchase.  Though there are few companies, almost insignificant figure to declare that social media campaigns hurt their reputation, but it may be the result of poor strategy adopted. Users’ reviews, interaction and engagement have been found to be much beneficial in driving offline success, as many people gather the needed information and study reviews and feedback before making a purchase, either online or offline.

Many businesses even depend upon localizing their audience, depending upon the nature of business. Google listing, Bing local, etc have helped a lot to such businesses to help them increase their presence over internet. Google search is location specific, which gives companies to tap into the internet market. Bing Maps is also one of the powerful and effective tools that permit visitors to step into business interiors.  Yelp reviews have also been successful in helping customers use social media to spread the message. Taking advantage of the fact that people like to study review first, before buying any product or service, this social platform has been useful in various ways.

It is important that the business should get as many positive reviews as possible. It is equally important to pay heed to negative reviews and even show willingness to act on them to attract customers.

Another major improvement that has been found to offer marketing assistance is bringing discounts and coupons to the Internet. The offerings act as incentives and attract new customers. Many sites have turned up with such offers to educated customers and attract them to make the purchase. Companies can take advantage of attracting customers, using this tactic. Another important method to drive offline sales it posting ads on websites with high traffic.


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