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The ‘Army of Same-Sex Lovers’ that Ruled the Ancient Greek Battlefield

Friday, January 10th, 2020

As any great army that celebrated big victories, the Spartans witnessed some terrible debacles in the battlefield, too.

The Spartan troops numbering at least a thousand men were reportedly battered by a small troop of merely 300 men, known as the Sacred Band of Thebes at the battle of Tegyra that played out in 375 B.C., between Sparta and their Greek city-state rival Thebes.

The clash unfolded near a shrine of Apollo in your community, where in actuality the Sacred Band had been led by its then-leader Pelopidas. The thinly numbered guys were interestingly met by the much larger Spartan unit, as well as very very very first, the problem seemed hopeless.

Mythological temple for the Greek god Apollo.

Nevertheless, Pelopidas ordered their cavalrymen going to an enemy’s exposed flank and grouped their hoplites in to a tightly loaded device development. (more…)

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