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How social media helps in establishing your brand in the virtual world?

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Social media has received an overwhelming response throughout the world. Especially, in a digital marketing world, social media is playing an imperative role. When used judiciously, companies gain benefit both in terms of consumer engagement and high sales.

Those companies who are looking for a way to increase their branding efforts, can find social networking as one of the effective means to gain prominence. The availability of media networks can help in bolstering promotional and engagement in diversified ways than no other online tool can do. Social networking helps people in connecting with people who share the same level of interest. Through this Principal of socializing, companies can easily market their products/services in a more appealing manner.

Companies, who want to benefit from social media platforms like face book, twitter, linked in, etc; there are different ways to brand & promote products/services through these networks.

Customer Service

It has been seen that users who shop online are also active on social media. They often use social media for finding similar pages to cater to their interests. These platforms offer companies a useful way to communicate with customers.

Help in reputation management

People usually talk about all things and do discussions online. Those platforms where people socialize, provide businesses an impeccable, but viable way to know how their brand is positioned in the market. Some internet users are very vocal about things, including businesses through these websites.


Awareness can help with conversion. The massive reach of social media sites allows companies to draw as many targeted individuals as possible. However, it is crucial for businesses to learn how to effectively market products as a mere description of benefits and features would be of no use. Here, effective marketing means getting the right subscribers or followers. It means, getting more followers or likes won’t do any good unless you don’t have genuine patrons.

Proper networking

Brands can also network with other brands, which can result to more effective promotions. Just as there is a wide base of customers, there are also many companies out there who are taking advantages of these brand pages.

Analysis of your competitor work

It is always advised to monitor the competitors sites because by doing this, you will be able to formulate an effective marketing campaigns and promotion plans.

Addressing all issues

Companies are often encountered with complaints and concerns of interested parties and customers. One viable way to create a buzz is to address different issues via social but make sure you are doing it diligently. Interacting with users online can be advantageous for the company.

Company Value

It is feasible to establish brand value through social media engagement. It can be related to customer woes and addressing different issues. Companies should use these platforms to show that they care for their customers concerns. This would surely have a positive impact on how people perceive your brand.

More online visibility

When companies constantly do posting on different social media sites, then it helps in creating an index of content that will help companies to secure their online presence. All social media sites have easy sharing platforms that let businesses to conveniently promote and brand products across different pages. Creating a buzz on these platforms helps companies to draw more customers and augment sales.

Social Media Major Website Statics for Future Planning

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Focus On Topics Not On Keywords

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Focus On Topics, Not On Keywords

In today’s changing scenario, the world of digital marketing has witnessed a significant transformation. Now, instead of looking at keywords, it is important to focus on queries. It means, it is crucial to now focus on what the user is searching for rather than specifically defining all the ways they can phrase it.

What does it exactly mean to us as practitioners?

As your focus has now changed, therefore, stop using the term ‘keyword’ as much as you can. It means, talking differently, reporting differently and changing the conversations with the client about the objectives.

You may be asked to give a keyword research report or a keyword ranking report. You may have provided it in the past also and therefore, it’s obvious for your clients to expect a certain kind of report or data. However, as the time is changing over the past few years, it is now important to modify what we report to in order to meet our business goal.

Define objectives

It is crucial to define your objective before you start doing the job in the best possible way. Here, your objectives could be:

The goals should be set by the company collectively and not just by you. Your objectives are based on this. It is crucial that your goals should be easily measurable and impact the company’s goals. Knowing your company’s objectives help changing the conversation.

Now, decide what do you want to achieve?

The time has come to start the hard conversations. You should report about your goals and what actions you will be taking to accomplish them. At one point of time, your client may ask you to give a keyword or ranking report. When they ask, you should ask them what they want to attain with that information. It will give you more idea about what they are looking for and how best to give that information to them.

But achieving high ranking is of prime importance

If they are saying that keyword is the most crucial factor for you to report on then you should ask them the reason. It may be because it is the way to tell whetheryour website is ranking for a term or whether your SEO plan is working or not.

Rankings occur due to varied reasons.

The keyword is merely the initiator of the entire process. You optimize the page to its best and you’ve created the best page for a specific need or topic. You may find various variations of keywords for any one topic, and therefore, your emphasis should be laid down on the page and topic and not on hundreds of keywords. You should focus on content and make every attempt to strengthen the page.

You might be thinking that if you stop focussing on keywords how you may come to know what content should be developed to get ranking? That entirely depends on the user. If you want to know what content should be written in order to rank for terms, then you should ask the people who are searching for that topic and what they write about. This changes will help in doing research in a much better way.

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Some New and Exciting Google Analytic Features For Marketers

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Is the Google analytic help you in taking marketing decisions? Do you know about the latest changes in google analytic? Google has recently shift to secure search but marketers who are using the information to guide their content & marketing, the loss of keyword data has been great.

In the recent times, google has updated analytic with over 10 new features that are useful for business owners who take decisions on the basis of how their audience interacts with their social account and website. Read on to find out what’s new in google analytic and how you can leverage the most of the changes to benefit your business.

New Google analytic reports-

When you will log into the updated google analytic account, you’ll see that there have been a major change as traffic sources and content have been replaced by acquisition and behaviour. This new acquisition section gives you two different views- overview and channel. The overview report helps in knowing which channels are bringing the maximum visitors and which channels are bringing in visitors who can convert into customers or email subscribers. While, the overview report helps in displaying the summary of data, the channel report gives a more detailed view of the visitor acquisition.
The most notable feature of this new acquisition report is that you can easily define the channel groupings, which help you in tracking different sources or media in a more customized and consolidated group. Moreover, if the default channel groupings are not generating the desired results then you can easily change them and add your sources of traffic in different groups.

Analytic ABC Reporting-

One more crucial change in Google Analytic is the introduction of new analytic ABC reporting. With the help of this new report, it is possible to see the information about the acquisition of new visitors, how they are behaving and how they are converting into loyal readers. You can see the analytic ABC in action primarily in the overview report, under the head ‘acquisition’ but can also see in other reports, like location, demographics, etc. It means, now you can see a great variety of conversion data in the summary view of the report. Also, if you are tracking conversions for different goals, you can easily change the conversion goal in the conversion group. It means, it is possible to see the same report conversion data for various goals without putting lot of efforts.

Easy and quick segmentation-

Nowadays, segments in google analytic have become easier for new users to navigate and are therefore, more powerful for advanced marketers. Along with a new user interface, it is now possible to segment your visitors and create segment templates. Either you can create your own new segment or can also import a predefined segment from the google analytic gallery where you can easily find some of the most popular segments created by google analytic team.
New demographic dataset-

Earlier, there was no demographic dataset in google analytic. But now, data collected from doubleclick third party cookies can be found in the new demographic report. You can see the useful information about your audience’s interest, age and gender in few mouse clicks. In this way, you can improve your marketing campaigns in google adwords by creating different ads for specific segment of audience.

In order to see these reports, you’ll be required to activate demographics data by following below steps-

You need to change the tracking code in order to support display advertising

Do a regular updation of your privacy policy in order to comply with the policy requirements for display advertisement

You will required to enable demographic data in the audience reports
Auto event tracking-

The google tag manager updates have made measuring things like click on ads, calls to action with event tracking, easy by introducing the concept of auto-event tracking. It means, you don’t need to worry about javascript or HTML code during your setup. Google Tag manager is a free tool that helps in managing all the tracking codes from one place and you can also edit them.

Useful improved user education-

Along with the interface changes, Google Analytic has also introduced some new and improved educational resources. They have introduced the analytic academy and different digital analytic fundamental course, which gives a viable foundation to marketers and business owners who want to get better understanding of the principles of analytic and improve their web business.

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Internet Marketing Strategy for B2B Businesses – EBriks Infotech

Friday, April 12th, 2013



When you talk about B2B internet marketing, it is required that you should create a strong strategy that will not help in developing your online presence but also help make you trusted businessman. 

5 Must-Read Tips For B2B Internet marketing:

Internet marketing should be a top priority for any online business. But B2B internet marketing strategy is slightly different than the tactics which are used in consumer focused marketing programs. Usually, B2B markets are more complex and sales cycles are longer, therefore, B2B marketers must adopt a different approach towards target keywords, online content and link building.

Let’s delve deep into useful tips which can help in formulating a viable b2b internet marketing strategy-

(1) For B2B businesses, getting found is only the beginning- While B2C companies can expect to generate sales from a single visit of the customer, however, the sales cycle for B2B companies is quite different and long. Once a prospect finds the b2b website on search engines, the real work starts to convert the visit into a sale. It is crucial to understand the B2B searcher and its position within the sales cycle (evaluation, consideration, purchase) in order to create an appropriate optimized content to comply with their requirements.

Visitors who are looking for b2b solutions can be convinced to stay for a longer time on a website by-


(2) Content is king- Content is a major driven factor for B2B websites. In case of B2C websites, the majority of content focuses on product information. As B2B companies are more inclined towards building relationships, content should be written in such a way that it positions the organization as an industry thought leader and a reliable resource. Think about including video demos, case studies and newsletters on a website, which can help B2B organizations in building relationships with their audience.

(3)B2B targeted keyword glossaries should be more robust- Targeting the right keywords/phrases is the foundation stone for the success of any search marketing campaign. But in case of B2B organizations, keywords are required to cover a longer buying cycle, and, therefore, should be more diversified as compared to B2C target keywords. At the beginning of sales cycle, prospects might be using certain terms to search for information that differs from words which are used by those who are ready to buy. It is required that variety of keywords should be well supported by relevant content and link building..

(4) B2B organizations must apply out of the box ideas when it comes to link building- Usually, B2B markets are much smaller than B2C markets, therefore, you may find few websites which are capable of linking to B2B websites. So, in order to increase the number of inbound links, B2B companies should show some creativity by using any of the below methods-

(5) Finally, a good SEO- There are basically two sides to SEO (search engine optimization). The first is using relevant meta tags and keyword descriptions, etc. to let search engines know what your website is all about.

The second part is based on your website and its ability to allow easy navigation around the site. By giving detailed information on your web pages and anchoring them to other relevant pages on your website, it is possible to make things easy for clients.


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