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Crucial web design elements to market your business in the virtual world

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Crucial web design elements to market your business in the virtual world:

You may be surprised to know that both web designing and online marketing have changed dramatically over the last few years. Nowadays, web designing is strongly influenced by people who are more commonly using mobile devices to browse, read news and stay connected via social media platforms. In order to reach out to customers, a website needs to possess some crucial features. Below are some of the important web design features which should be present in every website-

Responsive Web Design –

This is must to do. Responsive websites make adjustment to the device which is being used by the visitor. Although, it is a new generation website which is much more complex than a classic website, but it is worth to invest in types of websites as they help businesses to reach every customer on any device.

Effective content management-

It is important that businesses should make frequent updating of their website content in order to quickly respond to customers with time-sensitive query. There are various content management systems and therefore, you should choose the one that allows you to frequently update your page content along with special attributes like photos, downloads and other elements.

A good homepage-

It is important that the homepage design should engage the visitor immediately with some enticing slide shows, graphics and call to action. There has been quite a change in the navigation too, and it is pivotal to pay attention towards this area.

Blog/forum embedded on the website-

A blog which is embedded into your website is useful as it helps in driving traffic to your website as you can share its link on social media platforms. Moreover, blog posts which are placed on content websites have important back links to your websites. Blogs also help in adding pages to your website and prove to be an effective mode to drive traffic.

Integration of social media channels-

If your website doesn’t pay attention towards integration with social media, then you may find it hard to reach to reach to customers. Social media integration may include feeds, tweet, like and more. You can easily customize your buttons to suit with the theme of the website. 

Email Marketing –   

It is considered as a classic marketing tool and a very important tool to stay in touch with customers. It is necessary that email marketing features should carefully integrate with CRM, analytic and website modules. If done properly, email marketing can help in generating traffic for your website.

Auto-Responders – 

Make sure customers are getting an automated email messages whenever a person fills out a form or takes any action on the site.

Contemporary web platforms- 

It has been seen that web platforms become obsolete over time and need to be update by a web professional; therefore, you should choose a web platform that gets automatically updated by the software company. The chosen platform should be efficient enough to rebrand or retool without building a new website from scratch.

When you think of developing a new website, it is important to see how well you can blend the above web features to expand your online customer base. A well planned website will not only help in reaching out to customers, but you can easily modify them in order to adjust according to the marketplace.

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Launching A New Website And New Brand? Have A Look On Below Points

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Launching A New Website And New Brand?

Launching a new website is a daunting task but launching a new brand by using that new website is indeed a patience tester!

Whenever you decide to launch a website, everyone witnesses only the design change but have you ever appreciated the efforts which have been put behind the scenes?

There’s a lot of redirection- You should start by pulling every single URL that’s on your root domain. Drop into excel and then do a proper analysing to know how you will use them on your website. There may be many such web pages which will not exist yet but they would start functioning later. It means, lot of pages of your existing website will not move yet but they would in future. So, along with 301s and 404s, it would be a nice idea to add a section about those steps which you will take in Phase II to ease things.

Get your Analytic- Though it is important to launch analytic code on your new website but it is more important that you do not settle down for the basic version only. You may find many such things which you can do with a little customization and you need to decide which things are most important for you.

Obtain a new site map- When your URLs are changing then it means your site maps will also change. So, you should generate a new XML site map.

‘We aren’t No.1 in the online world- That can be a nightmare of every SEO professional. It is important that you start your keyword researching from the early stage. How do you do it? Start by pulling all your backlinks by using your favourite tool and then go down to find all those links with your brand name. Then you should start contacting them. It is important to start this process very early if you’re changing your name. Start by approaching people who you can expect will go on your exact launch date. Make sure your team is also changing any links which they have on personal websites.

If you’re planning to launch a new website, you might get disheartened by the constant pain. Sometimes you may decide to quit but you should not. The end result will compensate all your efforts.

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