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Digital Marketing Plan for Charity Organizations and NGO’s

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, May 24th, 2013



In recent times, charities have changed their way of raising donations. In the digital marketing era, it is becoming important to incorporate social media into marketing plan to get desired results. Read on to find out some of the different ways through which you can use social media in charitable organisations.

Different Ways TO Use Social Media To Raise Donation:

As a charitable organization, asking for money is a pretty daunting task. In today’s fast paced life, it is really difficult to convince people to stop and listen to you. But now, with the help of digital marketing this gruelling task can be made much easier. Let’s have a look on some basic ways through which you can effectively incorporate social media into your charity’s marketing plan to drive donations-


  • Twitter live feeds- You might be surprised after knowing the number of people who are using twitter as a news source. As a non-profit organisation, you can share updates about your event even if that event is happening in other part of the world. Those followers tuning in to your live feed are most likely to donate for your cause. The other impressive way to steer people towards your charity is by tweeting links about your donation programs and letting them know how their donation can make a huge difference. Whenever there is a donation made, you can tweet back about the same on your page and tell the donor how their donation has helped in your cause. By acknowledging their support on social media where their all friends can see it, make them happy!
  • Make use of Facebook- While Twitter is perfect for giving short bursts of information, Facebook is apt for telling stories. A great way to engage your facebook friends is by providing them a place where they can share their own stories and comment on yours. On your facebook page, you can upload several pictures, names, and stories of children who have been helped by your efforts. People are deeply touched by reading other’s plights and show their concern by commenting, liking and sharing such posts. Such bond with your organisation can drive donations.

Also, you can choose the most touching post on your facebook page and then featured it as ‘Inspiration story of the week’. Make use of Timeline’s new pinning feature and give more visibility to your message. Since facebook is allowing you to create donate buttons, there’s no reason to ignore it.

  • Organize a social media competition- Everyone loves winning prizes, so make this human behaviour work for you by hosting social media competition. Who can upload the best video on youtube to explain your charity cause? Who can tweet the most about your charity event? Motivate people to get actively involved in your charity work and they will be happy to make donations or they can also encourage others to contribute in your charity work.


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