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Digital Marketing Strategy For Financial Advisers – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, March 3rd, 2013

For financial advisors internet is relatively an inexpensive playground to raise awareness about your products or services, which in turn finally helps in building trust. EBriks Infotech has detailed some of the crucial parameters which should be look into while building a digital marketing strategy for financial advisors.

Tips To Create Viable Digital Marketing Strategy For Financial Advisors:

Does anyone remember how financial advisors were working before the advent of internet. From a marketing point of view, it was sheer wastage of resource and time as enormous costs were incurred in creating and printing hard-copy marketing material. Needless to say, countless man hours were wasted in knocking on doors of customers.

Today, time has certainly changed. Now, almost every independent financial advisor is having a web page, and while an increasing number of advisors are making better use of other digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, too many people still do not have any coherent digital marketing plan in place to match with their marketing strategy. Let’s have a look on four things which financial advisors should considered in order to build a viable digital marketing presence-

  • Build an original content that is not only consistent but matches with vital economic issues or dates throughout the year, like budget season. Arbitrarily posting content that are neither relevant or useful is the easiest way to lose your target audience.
  • Make sure that your digital marketing efforts and client relationship management strategy are working together. You would be interested in knowing what type of efforts are helping you in converting leads into prospects, which will finally help in winning new clients. You must, therefore, have a clear idea of who is visiting your company’s web site and for how long. In the absence of any digital marketing strategy, it will be difficult to find out what content others are finding useful. By clearly understanding what content others are finding valuable gives you a chance to establish yourself as a trusted thought leader in the market.
  • Make use of varied social media platforms and maximize the strengths of each while limiting their weaknesses. Facebook, for instance, through the use of pictures, is a right choice for interactive storytelling, giving better understanding to people about the firm as well as people who are working there. On the other hand, twitter is apt for short, crisp thoughts that increase your brand presence. LinkedIn is ideal to network with peers and get involved in varied groups. Your social media efforts should drive people towards the content on you web page.
  • While creating a website, you should choose a provider that will give you enough time to update in real time and can give you the capability to add calls to action, landing pages, videos and blogs. However, highly customized websites, with pleasing aesthetically, may be difficult to update. You would be more interested in updating the content without wasting too much time or money. Posting fresh new content on a regular basis is imperative not only for doing better search engine optimization but it also helps in increasing engagement and gives people a reason to come back to your website.

At the end of the day, people will do business only with those advisers whom they can trust. Earlier, getting a meeting with potential prospect perhaps meant hours of cold calling and even then it took several follow-ups to ultimately winning the business. While, establishing trust is required today also but a good digital marketing strategy can ease the entire process.

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