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Digital Marketing Strategy for Financial Services

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, February 21st, 2013

Digital Marketing Tips For Financial Services :

In today’s internet driven era, new methods of social marketing are gaining more popularity, with many financial services businesses embracing it to disseminate their message in a more reliable and cost-effective way manner. With a proliferation of media networks, financial marketers must get in-depth information about these new digital tools and integrate them with already in practice marketing tactics.

  • Give preference to reliable brands- Quality is important and not quantity. Having 100 reliable twitter followers is far better than 500 that are simply adding the tally. Though quantity signifies that your name is spreading across many verticals but do not believe that all of them will help in lead generation. Instead of that, you should focus on interacting with a core group who is active and relevant to your business.
  • High quality content- You should ensure that you are creating useful content that will differentiate you from your rivals. The content should be useful enough to help you to stand out from others, rather than page upon page of general information. Emerge as an information hub in the sector.
  • Allocate proper budget for social marketing- You should divert some of your advertising focus towards social media marketing and follow it seriously. It is an imperative tool and is rapidly emerging as the definitive method for online lead generation. By incurring a far smaller amount of effort and fund, you can generate far greater dividends than outbound marketing.
  • Track your reputation- With outbound marketing, information about company was not easily available until survey or poll were held. But now with social media, resources can be find to actively monitor your reputation. What people are thinking about you and your services? Has anyone encountered with a problem?
  • Customized social media accounts- Many social media platforms, like youtube, linkedin, etc., give you privilege to customize your account by converting your page into a full-fledged media page. So, it is advised to tap this opportunity by customizing your account to give more subtle information about your company.
  • Mobile marketing- The popularity of mobile devices, like tablets or Smartphones as a source of information is increasing rapidly and act as an effective lead generation tool. Don’t limit yourself by designing a website that is suited to your desktop only. You should design your website in such a manner that it can support all different platforms. A mobile-specific websites and applications allow your website to be in front of a person all the time, giving lot of ease and convenience.
  • Expand your online presence- You should create the door for many sociable methods by establishing your presence on as many platforms as possible. Allow your varied platforms to intermingle. Links within each can give you varied other services or sites and you can essentially build a mini-network for your brand, which should be separate but linked to your main website.
  • Indulge into cross marketing- Small financial services businesses need not only required to promote themselves. You should find out a business that compliments yours and vice versa but not encroaching upon your targeted market, for instance, accountants, etc.

EBriks Infotech is here to give some digital marketing tips for financial services. Read on to know some of the latest techniques of digital marketing for financial sector.


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