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Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitals

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, February 20th, 2013


In order to withstand fierce competition from private clinics, hospitals have embarked on digital marketing to attract new patients and to retain the current ones. EBriks Infotech has come with some ideas to improve the effectiveness of your hospital digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Tips For Hospitals:

In current scenario, healthcare consumers are more relying on digital channels and platforms for managing their health. Digital marketing has emerged out as a ‘must have’ for hospitals to withstand tough competitions. However, one challenge in healthcare sector, is identifying the digital channels that work in favor of consumers. Do not worry as EBriks Infotech has come up with crucial suggestions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hospital digital marketing strategy-

  • Improve your blogs- It is imperative that your blogs should generate patient leads, improve search engine rankings and display your thought leadership. Your blog should be at least as sharp as your website. If employees or physicians can’t write then it is good to hire some medical content writers. The main purpose of blog development should be to educate patients and doctors about the new happenings in the medical sector. You can use blogs for giving information about latest developments at your hospital. You should ensure that the content is relevant in giving health and technology literacy.
  • Content is king- An informative piece of content, like, educative YouTube video, can prove to be useful in the long run, especially if you leverage it over varied marketing campaigns. Follow this trend religiously and you will surely get success. It is crucial to develop content in accordance to your audience’s preference, what actually they are seeking for. You can also conduct a survey to know what people are actually expecting from a hospital’s website. Never make the mistake of mixing patient resources with physician resources.
  • Establish yourself as health information expert within the society- It is important to engage with patients way before they actually required hospitalization by providing them all necessary healthcare information. Position yourself as a reliable brand, to whom people turn to when they want to be educated about new diagnosis, prescription or condition. Simply, don’t merely act as a local care provider and emerge as a trusted advisor.
  • Invest in SEO- It is true that SEO can do wonders for your hospital website. With varied SEO tools like page title, description, on page optimization, etc., you can rank your website high on different search engines. Hiring some experts is also a fair idea if you have limited knowledge of SEO.
  • Make most of the leads you have- Put all efforts to follow-up new leads, promptly and systematically. You can start with inbound lead follow-up. Here, you should use multiple tracks – targeted by age, area and sex to get concrete result.


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