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Do you think twitter is beneficial for your online business and how?

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 6th, 2012

There is no doubt that social media is expanding its wings with fast pace. The reason is simple that it involves direct communication between the provider and the customer. One of the growing elements of social media is twitter, which is occupying a vital place in social media strategies for the growth of online businesses.

There are certain important points that one should have in mind to make twitter really beneficial for the online business.

  • People’s interest: The tweet, you post should be communicated in the right way to the right person. It is only then that it would be able to capture people’s interest and would involve them and in turn, would generate business.
  • Targeting top prospects: One should identify people who need to be introduced to your business. It is important to target right people. If you want to be highlighted in any publication, look for people who are responsible for that section and then, start and maintain relation with those persons. It could be done after a thorough research of potential prospects online.
  • Right Channel of Communication: Twitter is the right channel of communication that is connecting people and developing relationships, where they can talk about business.
  • Understanding Followers: One needs to take interest in followers to make them feel valued. It would encourage them to talk about your brand to their family and friends and ultimately, spreading awareness. It is important to appeal to their needs and interests. In addition to it, one should stay in touch with them regularly and keep them informed. The regular use of follower list would be helpful in managing connections.
  • Tweet Regularly: It is important to tweet constantly. One should not spam the tweets by tweeting with hundred tweets on daily basis, but should do not let their follower forget them due to long period of inactivity.
  • Variety of Tweet: Do not always tweet with the motive of promoting business. Instead, there should be interesting content and images of different topics to help people retweet or converse or enquire. The valuable tweets would encourage people to interact and appreciate your tweets. It would boost visitors’ interaction, which is believed to be the effective tool of marketing.
  • Help People: Answer the questions asked by people in your domain, with expertise. It shall always be in mind that twitter can be a good tool of communication.
  • Work with a Strategy: It is important to have some strategy to connect with players.

The above stated points would help you grow your business online, as people would be able to know you as an expert and active player.

Social Media is one of the emerging tools and twitter occupies an important place in helping people know about the business. There are certain points, like interacting with people, understanding followers, helping them, etc that need to be kept in mind for the growth of online business.

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