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How to Convert Website Visitors into Paid Customer?

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, July 6th, 2013



If landing page bounce rates causing serious issues, if the unnecessary pay per click solutions are wasting both your time and money, than it is the time to work and optimize your landing page. Landing pages play vital role in e-mail marketing, pay per click, press releases, search engine marketing and in other aspects related to online marketing. Enhancement of your conversion rates strongly depend on the landing page. Let’s have a look on some of the effective ways to effective optimization of your page:

  • Have a superior page title- When the search action is performed, the search engine tries to find out the title of a page for matching keywords. So, it is important that the title optimization should be of high priority among other aspects. In order to make sure that the title during the web search indexed correctly, you must keep it precise, sharp and relevant.
  • Never undervalue importance of the page URL- Usually, search engines prefer 65 characters in the URL, so always try to restrict to it. It has been found out the most useful landing pages are created when vertical pipes are separating different ideas and subjects. Always include your main keywords in first 65 URL characters as it will give more exposure to your website.
  • Always use rich content- Here, rich content doesn’t mean excess use of animation and graphics. The website landing page should be having informative information which should keep your visitors interested. It is important that your content should interest your visitors and this can be done by linking your content to product description and reviews, feedback and other social networks profile.
  • Create an impressive heading tag- While, writing heading tag, you must use relevant keywords. For those users who browse the web in search of particular keywords, you must make your landing page the apt choice by perfectly matching user’s input keywords and your heading’s. If there was a poor keyword selection, the user most definitely will follow other link and navigate from your website.
  • Image optimization- You all must know that every single video and image has a file name to it and to get positive results, it is important to optimize those file names by using relevant keywords. By indulging into careful selection of keywords for an image, you will surely able to get high ranking of your website on search engines. You must have heard it thousand times that one good image is equivalent to 1000 words. Visual perception has high impact on users as compared to text and to achieve better results, you should use different combinations of keywords.
  • Lead generation- Your main goal of the landing page is to contribute in the lead generation process. Here, you should try to encourage users to register on your website, so that you can get their contact details, which can be later used for doing online marketing. It is important that the text and messages you want to convey on a landing page, should be precise and enrich with all keywords. Display customer reviews and use any method to make your landing page attractive so that more and more people fill the form.


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