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How To Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy For B2B Businesses

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, October 16th, 2013


How To Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy For B2B Businesses:

B2B stands for business to business. It means, if you are selling products or services to some other company then it means you are in B2B space. To succeed in the B2B online space, it is equally important to have a viable B2B content plans. Let’s have a look on some points which should be considered while creating your B2B content plans-

What is called effective content strategy?

First, you would be needed to define content strategy. You may have heard a lot about what constituents a good content strategy but it is equally important to have a thorough understanding of it before proceeding ahead-

  • Decide what type you content you will create for your customers, like, blogs, newsletters, etc.
  • You should plan for what topics you will cover and who will do writing for you.
  • You should decide how you will going to distribute the content among customers and your prospect.

What questions should come in your mind about B2B plans?

There are a number of factors which you should go into before making any move. At first, you should understand what is an effective way to sell your products and services. You should create your content strategy by keeping following points into consideration-

  • Who are my target audience and what kind of content will interest them? By understanding what channels, platforms they spend most of their time will help you in creating a suitable content that achieves your goals.
  • What problems are they facing that are forcing them to go for another product or service? Your content should be able to solve that problem because then only you will be able to establish a long-term relation with your clients.
  • Are your products getting good publicity in print, audio or video formats? If you are into art business then it is inevitable to have a visual component.

By framing right questions about your B2B content plans, you can save a considerable amount of time and can pave your focus more towards achieving objectives.

What type of content should you considered?

The B2B sales cycle is a lengthy process and it is totally different from a B2C cycle. In B2B, the investment is done in hundreds or thousands of dollars. A small mistake can put a person’s job at stake. B2B marketers have formed a varied content streams in order to attract customers and spread their messages. Let’s have a closer look at different types of content, how to make them effective and how to decide whether they are right or not.

  • Generation of lead- When you are at the lead generation phrase, you’re working to create awareness of your product and try to make other people curious about your product/service. Content can play an important role in expanding your reachability and influencing buyer’s decision.
  • Blog- By writing and publishing blogs on your website, you can enjoy innumerable benefits. It is very important to regularly update your site content from the SEO point of view. It is also a crucial way to generate and publish good quality content across a varied key terms.
  • Guest blogging- Guest blogging is a viable strategy to improve the positioning of a company in the online world. It is quite an easy task to develop a guest blogging strategy, especially when you are thinking to do in terms of lead generation. You should find websites and publications in your industry and start contributing your expertise to them. You should focus on educating and entertaining people rather than selling. Here, the main goal is to capture the attention of audience and establish yourself as a trusted expert in the area which interests the reader most.
  • White paper- It takes up a theoretical problem which is facing by a prospect and give them a concrete framework to solve the issue. Since the objective of white paper is educating people, therefore, they have a long span of life. In comparison to other content types, it is quite costly to develop white paper.

Lead conversion:

Once you have earned the interest of a prospect the time has come to strengthen your relationship with them and improve their opinion about your product/service. To succeed in it, you would be needed to take the help of specific content types-

  • Opt-in incentives- Once you’ve got a lead for your site, the next step is to work on it to convert it. In order to get the information, you would be needed to provide some sort of good video, report and other piece of content. Experts opine that it is important to have a good content in order to break down the first barrier and let them give positive response.
  • Newsletters- It has been found out that newly signed prospects take the help of newsletters in order to get a better understanding of businesses. This contact is very important to create relationship and build trust. Avoid delivering newsletters daily and it is good to deliver them once a week. You should choose topics which are focused on customer’s needs. Only informative, entertaining newsletter will make your customers happy.

Final closure of the sale:

It is undoubtedly the difficult stage to do final closure of the sale. Once you’ve made your name in to the list of the vendors, it is important that you produce the right kind of content so that buying committee can take a right decision. You should create a one page sheet that would summarize different features, advantages and relevant specification of products/services in order to facilitate easy perusal.

  • Video content- A good quality video presentation is another way to help you in sealing the sale. Video content is another crucial way to help you to target keywords in search engines and it also helps in engaging potential clients that dislike the idea of reading too much.
  • Retargeting- Another way is retargeting. Here, retargeting signifies to technological solutions that permit you to email people who regularly visit your website but don’t do purchasing. It is important to know that why these people are not completing the sale. In such a situation, retargeting is a crucial way to do it.To sum up, it is always a nice idea to create a powerful content strategy that will prove to be useful in every aspect of your business. From attracting leads to final conversion, a viable content strategy can create strong relationship.
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