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How To Expand Your Email List With Social Media – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 31st, 2013

How To Expand Your Email List With Social Media:

Do you want to get more email subscribers? Are you interested to find different ways to include social media fans and followers to your email list? Let’s have a look on different ways to use social media to formulate email list.

Why email is important?

More than 90% of consumers check their emails every day. As one of the most effective communication channels, email marketing is known as one of the potent channels for lead generation for marketers. To expand your email list, there are different ways which you can follow to turn your followers into subscribers, who’ll become your long-term customers. Let’s have a look on below useful tips-

Always use a simple sign up form- It is important that businesses of all sizes should create only a simple email sign-up form on their social channels in order to make it easy for the fans to easily subscribe to the list. On Facebook, you can find a tab at the top right hand side of the page for an email form. You only need to click on the icon to sign up email form.

However, it is not possible to host a landing page with an email sign up form on google+ or twitter. In order to encourage your followers to subscribe, it is advised to add a link in the bio or about section on twitter/google+ to the email sign up form you host on the website. In your twitter bio, you will find limited space but you can still find a space to add a shortened link to the email sign up form and a website link. The google+ page also has the about section where it is possible to add a shortened link to the email sign up form.

Place premium content on social accounts-

There are many businesses which create premium content and offer them for free once a person signs up for the email list. If you are having infographics, white papers, articles or other premium content, gate each content piece with an email sign-up form landing page in order to generate subscribers from the content. It is a good idea to tweet, post and share excerpts of content on twitter, facebook, linkedin and google+ in order to drive high traffic to the landing page. It is good to include a visual component to these updates in order to ensure that you’re getting the maximum clicks, engagement and high traffic. Make use of concise and informative copy in the social updates in order to ensure that you get most engagements, click and traffic.

Host webinars in order to gain maximum subscribers-

Hosting a webinar about your industry or business is an excellent way to present the human side of your business. One of the motive of a webinar is to earn leads in the form of email subscribers.

Hold a contest or incentive program-

One of the most powerful ways to build your email list using social media is by holding contest or incentive programs. Many marketers host promotions programs in order to expand their following base on different social media accounts but one of the main objectives of these promotions should always be to expand your email subscribers. Once you’ve published your contest, it is good to promote it on different social media accounts in order to drive more traffic to the contest and to increase sign-ups to the email list.

To sup up, continual growth of the email subscriber list is always imperative to garner success in the business. So, it is always worthwhile to expand your email subscriber list in order to thrive in the business.

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