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Internet Marketing Strategy for B2B Businesses – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, April 12th, 2013



When you talk about B2B internet marketing, it is required that you should create a strong strategy that will not help in developing your online presence but also help make you trusted businessman. 

5 Must-Read Tips For B2B Internet marketing:

Internet marketing should be a top priority for any online business. But B2B internet marketing strategy is slightly different than the tactics which are used in consumer focused marketing programs. Usually, B2B markets are more complex and sales cycles are longer, therefore, B2B marketers must adopt a different approach towards target keywords, online content and link building.

Let’s delve deep into useful tips which can help in formulating a viable b2b internet marketing strategy-

(1) For B2B businesses, getting found is only the beginning- While B2C companies can expect to generate sales from a single visit of the customer, however, the sales cycle for B2B companies is quite different and long. Once a prospect finds the b2b website on search engines, the real work starts to convert the visit into a sale. It is crucial to understand the B2B searcher and its position within the sales cycle (evaluation, consideration, purchase) in order to create an appropriate optimized content to comply with their requirements.

Visitors who are looking for b2b solutions can be convinced to stay for a longer time on a website by-

  • Giving vital information about the company and its offerings
  • Depending on analytic and user experience metrics in order to measure stickiness factors, like, how much time is spent on specific pages, clickthrough rates and frequency of visits.


(2) Content is king- Content is a major driven factor for B2B websites. In case of B2C websites, the majority of content focuses on product information. As B2B companies are more inclined towards building relationships, content should be written in such a way that it positions the organization as an industry thought leader and a reliable resource. Think about including video demos, case studies and newsletters on a website, which can help B2B organizations in building relationships with their audience.

(3)B2B targeted keyword glossaries should be more robust- Targeting the right keywords/phrases is the foundation stone for the success of any search marketing campaign. But in case of B2B organizations, keywords are required to cover a longer buying cycle, and, therefore, should be more diversified as compared to B2C target keywords. At the beginning of sales cycle, prospects might be using certain terms to search for information that differs from words which are used by those who are ready to buy. It is required that variety of keywords should be well supported by relevant content and link building..

(4) B2B organizations must apply out of the box ideas when it comes to link building- Usually, B2B markets are much smaller than B2C markets, therefore, you may find few websites which are capable of linking to B2B websites. So, in order to increase the number of inbound links, B2B companies should show some creativity by using any of the below methods-

  • B2B companies can approach their supplier networks to get inbound links.
  • B2B organizations, having small target audience, can also create link bait to encourage others to link their website.
  • For very particular niches, it is possible to widen B2B blog audience by blogging more about general company-related issues.

(5) Finally, a good SEO- There are basically two sides to SEO (search engine optimization). The first is using relevant meta tags and keyword descriptions, etc. to let search engines know what your website is all about.

The second part is based on your website and its ability to allow easy navigation around the site. By giving detailed information on your web pages and anchoring them to other relevant pages on your website, it is possible to make things easy for clients.


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  2. annu says:

    I am now not certain in which you will be helping your data, nonetheless superior theme. I actually ought to take some time discovering a lot more or even comprehension much more. Appreciate great information I was trying to find this review for my assignment.

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