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Know Your Customer before Design Digital Marketing Campaign for Your Business

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, March 15th, 2013



A clear cut understanding of your customer segment is required to know what you should offer them. The more closely you tailor-made your products, more business revenue you will be able to generate.

Why You Must Know Your Target Audience Before Starting Your Marketing Campaign?

Unless you have a dominate position in the current market segment, focussing on the general market is not a right business idea. If you will focus on a general market then you may end up wasting lot of money and energy (not to mention time) on those who may not be interested in your products or services. However, when you focus on a particular target market, you can cut down your marketing overhead and can save substantial amount of money and effort. With a clear cut knowledge of target audience, it becomes easy to prepare and execute the marketing plan.

Therefore, it is very important to first figure out who makes up your target class before giving shapes to your marketing ideas. By knowing what your customers are interested to buy, you’ll automatically know what to give them. The more closely you tailor made your products or services, the faster you’ll see your business booming.

Your clients form the important part of your professional life. Just as you take your time and show interest in knowing your boss and colleagues, it is important to get information about your customers also as it will help you to reach out to individuals more precisely. By defining the target audience, you can tailor-made your content for social media posts, photos, paid advertisements and videos Marketing. Also, it will help you in determining which marketing methods may yield profits for your business. Ultimately, by focusing on right customer segment, you can get most out of your advertising dollars.

Never commit a mistake of marketing your products/services before clearly defining your targeted clients. If you will do so then it merely means throwing your marketing money away. Marketing doesn’t only mean placing your ads on different mediums as it is an ongoing method of attracting new business. Before you hope to earn something from this, you should know who you actually want to target with your marketing. It is imperative to know your target market before initiating your business plan. Define your target class by getting to know everything you can about them. How old is the person? Who would be interested in buying your product/services? Where does she live? What are interests? Visualize your customer in detail. If you are unable to visualize the person clearly, then you should research about your potential client until you can. Because unless you don’t define your target class, you won’t find it easy to take marketing related decisions.


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