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Link Building Tips for Local SEO

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, February 17th, 2013

Local SEO targets people or searches with local intent. It is believed to be a lot helpful to people with small business or local services provider, like restaurant, beauty services, professional services, etc. there are many ways to get local links. A person can start guest blogging, posting informative content, using social media for networking, etc. these tasks need to be carried out under expert guidance for better results.

Link building is an important activity in Search Engine Optimization. It is believed to be the effective tip and tactic in gaining online visibility. Likewise, local link building also has its own speciality. These local links can bring you quality traffic. They are believed to be the part of diverse profile. The value of a good link, like that from Chamber of Commerce, cannot be underestimated. They also play a significant role in strategic business partnerships, network for employees and grant opportunities.

These local links are required by the business with online presence. Businesses, like restaurant, beauty services, etc, with local customers require them the most. It would help you bring in business from vicinity. Many people, who believe that they do not require local business, might ignore the easy local visibility platform. One should not forget that there might be someone who would like to try to work, as an employee or client. The opportunities should not be missed. Not taking advantage, just because it is local is never advisable.

There are different types of local links that one must be aware of. These are Chamber of commerce, radio stations, business organization, charities in vicinity, search engine local sites, local new publications, city websites, business partners, local bloggers, business directories, etc. The qualifier should also be used along with keywords, while conducting link queries for local use. Zip code, state, region, city, country, etc are few of them.

Adding the name of local colleague, school name, university, etc for enhanced local search potential is also deemed to be useful. The research for the sites where people are engaging themselves in sharing their opinions and views can be further advantage.

Guest blogging is also a feasible way to get good local links. Interviewing local business people would bring few quick questions for you. Employees can also be used to build local awareness. The employees could be asked to write for a local blog and promote it by tweeting links to blog posts. Businesses can make use of social media sites in spreading awareness and promoting blogs and getting local links.

Another important aspect to be looked into is creating content that draws readers’ attention. The high quality content showcasing local fiction, interviewing local people, discussing local politics, etc could draw visitors. A great piece of content can bring you amazing visibility. The companies can use various offline methods to get local links. Thus, there are myriad of options available to get local links, but the entire task needs to carry out under expert supervision.


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